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Flu shot?

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By mcmom on Fri, 09-24-04, 15:01

My kids have never gotten flu shots, but last winter my PA son was sick a lot (first year of school). This is probably a stupid question, but is the flu shot 100% safe for FA children? He is PA, TNA, soy, sesame and legume. Another mom at school just told me that an friend's egg allergic child went into anaphalactic shot immediately after being vaccinated, so I'm a little spooked now.

Of course I will ask our doctor about this, but was just wondering if anyone here gets their PA kids the flu shot, and if there have been any adverse reactions? Thanks [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By momma2boys on Fri, 09-24-04, 15:08

My ds can't get it because of the egg allergy. That is the only contraindication as far as food allergies that I know of.

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By MayaLily on Fri, 09-24-04, 15:09

well, the only allergy I thought was a concern when dealing with vaccines is egg because they are often cultured in an egg base. I know the MMR and flu shots are contraindicated when there is an egg allergy (though maya was fine when she had the MMR...she had to stay at the dr's for an hour after just to be sure she didn't have a reaction).


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By k9ruby on Fri, 09-24-04, 15:22

THey don't want risk me with the menigitus vaccine cus of my TNA as theres a 50:50 chance i could go into anaphylaxis cus of my low immune system (cus i have a extremly severe TNA)
if you have severe allergy, a lot of the time you also have a low immune system

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By Dunpun on Fri, 09-24-04, 16:10

Last year I tried to get PA/TNA asthmatic ds the flu shot, no doctor would give him one because of his RAST showed egg allergy. He skin tested neg. to egg and egg is really one of the only things he eats that gives him no trouble. I did not believe he was allergic and when I finally found a doc. who would give him the shot it really was the end of flu season. Myself, dh and non-FA ds all got one and got the flu anyway. This year I have been trying to boost all of our immune systems through diet and I am going to try and go without the flu shot this year. We will see how it goes. Guess i was no help here reading back, but that's all I have to offer [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Wishing you the best

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By MQriley2 on Fri, 09-24-04, 16:20

My PA son had a flu shot two years ago. There was no ana. reaction, but he did get really sick from it. He shouldn't have gotten the shot due to his low immune system. We also tested a low positive for egg allergy this past year. I believe that his illness after the shot was because of the low immune system.


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By DebO on Sat, 09-25-04, 03:53


My PA/asthmatic daughter gets the flu shot every year. I am allergic to tree nuts and shellfish and have had the flu shot for at least the past 8 years with no issues.

My son, however, is anaphylactic to eggs and cannot receive the shot. To my knowledge, egg allergy is the only contraindication.

take care


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By Carefulmom on Sat, 09-25-04, 04:48

DD got the flu shot at age 1 and 2. Then at 2 1/2 the first time she had egg, she went into anaphylaxis, and I had to use the epi. She never got flu shot after that. The only food allergy that is a contraindication is egg, and I also heard that it is egg anaphylaxis, not egg allergy, that is a contraindication. Now at 9, she has finally outgrown her egg allergy, and she will be getting flu shot again this year. Her allergist knows she is allergic to milk and peanuts, and said flu shot is fine. I also want to comment that if a child has asthma and cannot get flu shot due to history of egg anaphylaxis, then the family members should get the flu shot to minimize the exposure of the child to the flu. So I got flu shot every year once my daughter had the episode of egg anaphylaxis and could no longer get flu shot. I never got the flu, so that was great. I am actually thinking this year I`ll get the flu shot anyhow.

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By mcmom on Sat, 09-25-04, 12:53

Thanks everyone for your responses! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By CVB in CA on Sat, 09-25-04, 14:42

Thimerisol free vaccines are not available for flu shots. If you do not want your child or yourself to receive thimerisol in the flu vaccine you don't have an alternative vaccine.

Thimerisol is a mercury based preservative that has been removed from children's vaccinces to reduce infant and child exposure to mercury. Mercury is a nuerological toxin. There has been a huge controversy over mercury in vaccines for quite a few years.

I am no expert on this subject, but it just seems there is some contradiction in recommmending flu shots for children now, and also recommending that other vaccines for children have no thimerisol. I haven't seen any explanation of why thimerisol isn't also bad in a flu vaccine if it is bad in a measles vaccine.

Also, the flu vaccine is based on a yearly "best guess" as to the likely dominant strains of flu for the coming flu season. There are other strains not protected by the vaccine, which often become the dominant strain and you can get sick anyway. A flu shot for the wrong strain usually does not do much for you. The flu is an everevolving virus. Sometimes the flu shot works, and sometimes it doesn't.

If there was a shot for bird flu and for SARS I would think about it pretty seriously and probably go for it. An epidemic of either of these would be really bad due to the high fatality rate. There is no vaccine now for these.

Right now I do not bother with a flu shot for either myself or the kids. I have had such mixed results on myself when I had them, I am not convinced of their value. If you are not at high risk for complications I am not sure they are worth it.

We are exposed to so many diseases through school, I just think they wil get exposure to a strain not in the flu shot anyway.

The last few years we have always had some flu strain that was not in the shot come through the school. Even the teacher's, who have been exposed to everything due to their job and do get flu shots have suffered. It just didn't seem to do anything. There were people with flu shots who still got the flu twice last school year!

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By Carefulmom on Sat, 09-25-04, 15:13

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently changed their recommendations and they now recommend flu shot for all children age 6 to 24 months, and all caregivers or family members with a child less than 24 months. It is also recommended for all people with asthma (unless under age 6 months), and people with various other chronic diseases. Not all flu vaccine contains thimerosal. Some does and some doesn`t. I wish I knew how to copy links but I don`t, so I`ll just copy and paste from the website.

"Which vaccines contain thimerosal?

Since 2001, all routinely recommended vaccines manufactured for administration to infants in the U.S. have been either thimerosal-free or have contained only extremely small amounts of thimerosal.
In 2004, the AAP recommended that children 6-23 months of age receive an annual influenza vaccination. Some thimerosal-free influenza vaccine is available. Thimerosal-preserved influenza vaccine contains only small amounts of thimerosal (12.5 micrograms per dose).
Many routinely recommended childhood vaccines never contained thimerosal: measles/mumps/rubella (MMR), polio (IPV), varicella/chicken pox. Some of the Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) and diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis (DTaP) vaccines never used thimerosal as a preservative.
Some vaccines that are NOT routinely recommended for young children under 6 months of age, such as meningococcal vaccine, are only available with thimerosal."

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By PB hater on Sat, 09-25-04, 20:03

I specifically asked my son's doctor about thermisol in flu vaccines and she said the child vaccines they're getting will not have thermisol but the adult ones will. Please share where you got your information that flu vaccines are not available without thermisol so I may question his doctor further. Thanks

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By e-mom on Sun, 09-26-04, 01:25

Quote:Originally posted by Carefulmom:
[b]I wish I knew how to copy links but I don`t, so I`ll just copy and paste from the website. [/b]

Carefulmom, when you are on a website page that you want to post the link just highlight and copy the [b]web address[/b] in the address pull down menu and then paste it into the body of text of your choice.

Btw, I never get the flu shot for my kids nor for me. I'm of the medical belief that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I was rarely sick as a kid and rarely sick as an adult and so far my kids are going the same route.

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By gw_mom3 on Mon, 09-27-04, 09:46

Quote:Originally posted by Dunpun:
[b] Myself, dh and non-FA ds all got one and got the flu anyway. [/b]
I thought I read that last year the flu virus that was going around ended up being different than what the shot was. Also, getting the shot doesn't guarantee you won't get the flu, but it should make it less severe.


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By pgrubbs on Mon, 09-27-04, 17:40

2 of my 3 have asthma, so we do get the vaccine (no egg allergies). However, the flu shot is available at my workplace for free, but not for children under 9. That makes me wonder if the difference in the adult and child doses is the thimerisol (sp).

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By NCMom on Mon, 09-27-04, 18:39

I, too, read they would have thimerasol-free flu vaccine and we plan to request it. I think the difference in the 9 and up is the dosage amount, not necessarily the thimerasol. Not sure.

We plan to get the vaccine this year. All 3 of my boys have asthma (my 4 year-old PA in the middle is the worst). I know they don't always get the strain right but I feel that some protection is better than none and we have never had a negative response to the vaccine (no egg allergies). Flu can be so bad on asthmatic children - I can't remember what the number was last year that died from complications of the flu. That's why they recommend the vaccine for any children with the underlying chronic condition of asthma.

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By mistey on Mon, 09-27-04, 23:36

My ds (not allergic to egg) had his flu shot tonight. He has been hospitalized for asthma in the past, so we don't take any chances. I asked if the vaccine had themerisol, and she stated that it does, but in very small amounts. She said that she felt the benefits for him greatly outweighed the risk. She also stated that she had her 18 month old son vaccinated with the flu shot this year as well.

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