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flax seed

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By on Sat, 06-12-04, 02:51

Are any of you allergic to flax seed?

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By KarenH on Sat, 06-12-04, 02:58

No, but when I was getting allergy shots for grass it made me itchy.

Flax is a grass, I believe.

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By andromeda on Sat, 06-12-04, 03:23

nope; i've been having it almost every morning over my cereal for several months now, and no problems. i would be careful of the brand, though; i had a slight reaction to *something* with arrowhead mills brand. no troubles yet with spectrum essentials' organic flax seeds, already ground, which i get at whole foods in the u.s. (canadian product, though, i believe; canada rocks yet again!).

cheers [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By on Sun, 06-13-04, 01:27


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By erik on Sun, 06-13-04, 06:09

I am able to eat flax seeds - I have never had any problem with them. As an example, I sometimes buy the Master Choice flax seed bread from A&P / Dominion grocery stores. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By becca on Mon, 06-14-04, 04:38

Looking for safe brands for flax seed and oil(and ground seed?). Any forms as it would be a healthy fat in our diets. Seems the spectrum brand is questionable in manufacturers. becca

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By Donni on Mon, 06-14-04, 10:50

Hodgson Mills offers ground flax seeds--I have a box in the pantry now. I have never called them re their flax seeds--just trust them from my other calls re their flours. If you do call, let us know what you find out.


Sorry, can't help with the flax seed oil. I tend to stick with canola (Crisco) or olive (various major brands).

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By andromeda on Tue, 06-15-04, 20:32

interesting that the spectrum brand is questionable; i've never called the manufacturer, though, so i'm sure you're right. it was just one of the foods i was eating before my p.a. developed last year, and continue to eat without any problems... easier for me to pick this item up in a store than to order from hodgson mills and wait for delivery. i'm comfortable doing this until i have any trouble...

best wishes to all,

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By canadalass on Sat, 11-30-13, 03:19

I am deathly allergic to FLAX seed. I have always been allergic ever since I was a little girl. Unbeknownst to me Flax is also labeled as other things. I recently had an anaphylactic reaction to linoleic acid in a meal replacement shake. (November 26th, 2013) I nearly died. I would love to discuss flax seed allergies and to be more aware of what it is also called.

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By missmitten on Thu, 01-30-14, 06:37

I'm also very allergic to flax seed. I've always avoided it since the smell alone made my throat itch. I accidentally ate some couscous which it was apparently milled in to. it was bad news & required a trip to the emergency room. I found a blog that includes a list of he many other names it goes by, I had no idea there were so many variations and thought you would like to look at it http://allergyfoodie.org/2011/01/14/more-on-flax-seed-allergy/#more-445.
also its the only food I'm aware of that I'm allergic to, fine with other seeds and nuts.

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By Saralinda on Tue, 12-10-13, 18:25

Yes, I react to flax seed.

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By theory on Wed, 12-11-13, 02:34

My kid is allergic flaxseed, as well as Peanuts and Tree Nuts.

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