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By LynnTP on Sat, 01-05-02, 20:19

How many of our children's school have proper training to take care of our children with Life Threatening Allergies? We are brought up to believe our children are safe in school. The fact is they are NOT. Why is it that EMT, Paramedics, RN's people in the field of taking care of the mentally retarded have specific training in Anaphylactic, Epi-pen administration and CPR. Our school personnel are NOT. Any school that has the school nurse train teachers, aides, school administration in how to take care of our children is not good enough. We need to fight for proper training for the people that take care of our children. Across the states there should be a specific guideline for training of the people taking care of our children. In most articles I have read on dealing with children with Life Threatening allergies It is suggested that through state health departments, Allergists or a Dr do the training. Someone that is trained or deals with allergies. It's time we fight for the proper training to keep our kids safe in school. States all over have put alot of money into keeping our kids safe from being shot, WHY NOT put the money into proper training? Deaths in our schools from Anaphylactic can be prevented. Training is the first place to start.

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