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FDA Site: http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/list.html

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By Mary on Fri, 02-26-99, 17:10

I encourage people to explore the FDA site. It is very informative!

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By Nicole on Fri, 02-26-99, 22:36

Hi Mary ~

Thank you for providing the link. Let me try to provide the 'clickable' link for those who want to visit.



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By Patti on Fri, 02-26-99, 22:48

Thanks Nicole!

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By on Fri, 02-26-99, 23:35


How do you provide the link immediately?

Thanks in advance.

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By Nicole on Sat, 02-27-99, 13:17

Hi Connie ~

You simply type [url="http:// before the www address and then "]before the www address and then[/url] immediately after the www address - no spaces. Good Luck!

You can also check the FAQ (Frequently asked questions and then check under the HTML section, Chris has a description there on how this works. Let me know how it goes.


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By on Sat, 02-27-99, 13:32

Thanks Nicole for the information!

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