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FDA Director\'s Address

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By Mary on Sat, 05-22-99, 12:49

posted May 18, 1999 12:00 PM

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By Lidia on Fri, 06-18-99, 19:47

Mary, just wanted to let you know I sent Mr Levitt his letter today. I also sent my family members my letter and asked them to alter it a bit and mail! The more the better.

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By Lidia on Fri, 09-03-99, 21:48

Mary and all PA,
As stated above I wrote a letter to Mr. Levitt. I just received a detailed response addressing my specific concerns. The response I got was so impressive I implore all of you to write a letter and be heard. In addition to all the info I requested, I learned about a petition for better labelling for the food allergic population. The letter stated that my name and letter would be forwarded to the petion list and be added to it. Results come from numbers so all of us should be on that list.

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By Sue on Sat, 09-04-99, 05:25


Thanks for the information. I went out on the net and found an e-mail address for Levitt.

It is located at:

I clicked on the address and sent a note. I hope this works as I know sometimes we share these address' and they don't seem to work.

Sue in Sunny Arizona

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