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FAI Newsletter: Saving Lives

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By Nutternomore on Mon, 07-09-07, 04:04


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By jsmom on Mon, 07-09-07, 11:53

Quote:Originally posted by Nutternomore:
[b] [url="http://www.foodallergyinitiative.org/uploaded_files/FAINewsletter_saving-lives.pdf"]http://www.foodallergyinitiative.org/uploaded_files/FAINewsletter_saving-lives.pdf[/url]


Thank you so much for posting this. The FAI is a wonderful organization.

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By mistey on Mon, 07-09-07, 23:08

Agreed. Thank you.

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By I Love WarmT on Tue, 07-10-07, 01:12


Thanks for the article.

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By jtolpin on Tue, 07-10-07, 13:44

Printing and reading. TYVM


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