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By Beth V on Sun, 08-26-07, 00:52

Hi All,

Had an appt with Dr. Sampson a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately he had to cancel at the last minute for an emergency-BUT-since we were coming from Florida we kept the appt. anyway. FAHF-2 is still going into trials. When all is said and done, they won't tell you to go eat nuts or shellfish or whatever you are allergic to. You simply won't have to worry about an accidental ingestion or cross contamination.
Dr. Sampson is also working on a rectal vaccine. That sounds promising as well but not a lot of infor on it.

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By jsmom on Mon, 08-27-07, 11:33

Thanks for asking about the chinese herbal treatment. I'm praying that it works.

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By solarflare on Mon, 08-27-07, 16:57

Just not having to worry about cross contamination or accidental ingestion would be enough for us.

I don't see my almost 10 year old taking too kindly to a rectal vaccine though.

Cheryl, mom to Jason (9 MFA including peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, coconut, sesame, squid)
Joey (8 NKA)
Allison (4 milk allergic, suspect shellfish, avoiding PN/TN for now)
Ryan (1) nka *knock on wood*

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By Lindajo on Fri, 08-31-07, 13:48

A rectal vaccine? I think Cheryl speaks for all our kids. Not to keen on that one. Hopefully, they can find another way of administering it.

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By ijkchen on Thu, 09-13-07, 00:50

We got a copy of the papers and the list of ingredients. My FIL got a chance to review it and is identifying the Chinese names for the herbs so we can take it to our herb people. We won't get a chance to caravan up to the herbal place for a few weeks but once I do I'll add a blog entry of what's said. Expect a lot of "restoring balance" and "too much fire" talk but I hope to break down at least what's in it and how it's supposed to work - by Chinese medicine standards.

The results of the July 2007 trials are out. It's still mouse models but all the earlier findings are holding up. PubMed doesn't have the doc yet and I don't have access to brand new papers through Blackwell Synergy but I should be able to beg my friend to get a hold of it.

As for the rectal vaccine I'm assuming everyone is thinking suppository and not syringe. It's not uncommon for Chinese medicinal products to go through the bottom and not the mouth. My husband went through a lot of suppositories as a kid. In our case since our boy is so young rectal compound 'pill' is better. You can't puke it out or taste it. But I can understand your son's position. I hate asking for Tylenol at home and getting handed a box of suppositories.

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By mmgshih on Thu, 09-13-07, 10:09

Hi previous poster (chen?)

I am sorry I cannot remember your login name-it is late at night and my brain is already asleep. If there is any way at all you could email me the Chinese names of the herbs I would be very grateful. My husband is from China and the next time we go back I would like to speak to his uncle who has an American MD but is also a Chinese medicine practitioner about this herbal medicine. I would like to try this herbal medicine and am willing to do it before they release it in its polished, heavily researched state.

Thank you in advance!

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By ijkchen on Thu, 09-13-07, 21:12

Absolutely. In case this formula gets stalled and never makes it to market I will keep a copy on hand. This week is tough but next week should be fine. If you want a bilingual version it will take a little longer only because FIL will write it down and I have to enter it into a word processor. I'd be happy to do that as well.

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By madison_mom on Thu, 07-22-10, 04:30

Hi ijkchen,

I was wondering if you could email me either the Chinese-only version of the FAHF-2 formula or the bilingual version. I would be so grateful. My son has developed peanut and tree nut anaphylactic reactions, and I'd really like to try to make him a little safer. He's in pre-school and it's just . . . so scary!

My email is: [email protected]

Thanks so much,


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By Luc's Mom on Fri, 09-14-07, 00:15

Quote:Originally posted by ijkchen:
As for the rectal vaccine I'm assuming everyone is thinking suppository and not syringe. It's not uncommon for Chinese medicinal products to go through the bottom and not the mouth. .[/b]

regarding the rectal vaccine. we spoke briefly with our allergist at our last visit regarding promising research. She did her fellowship with Dr Wood i believe. And has co-authored FA research with Wood, Sampson & Burks -- so i feel she is really "in tune" with the latest stuff -- i love her!

She said that the FAHF results were encouraging, and that Burks oral immunotherapy were encouraging too (but the field has been disappointed before with oral immunotherapy for FA, so she was cautiously optimistic)

but the research she was most excited about, the one that she believed held the most promise at this point was rectal immunotherapy - because it bypasses the respiratory track and gut.

I will double check w/her at our Nov checkup, but i am fairly certain that the rectal "vaccine" isnt a vaccine.. moreover, its not FAHF being rectal administered but immunotherapy..

frankly, IMHO, any treatment with considerable promise is worth it, regardless of route of administration.. for us at least..

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By Corvallis Mom on Fri, 09-14-07, 22:42


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By mmgshih on Sat, 09-15-07, 03:59

Dear ijkchen,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. I would be very grateful if you would give me the names of the herbs in pinyin and in chinese characters if at all possible. You can also email me at [email][email protected][/email] if that is easier. It can't hurt to try this route. Keep me posted on how well the herbs work for you.

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with me.


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By ctmartin on Thu, 09-20-07, 01:57

beth v, where in FL are you?

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By Beth V on Thu, 09-20-07, 21:49

Hi ctmartin,
I live in Wellington, Florida. This is west of West Palm Beach. Where do you live?

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By ctmartin on Fri, 09-21-07, 01:47

i'm in orlando. too bad ... i would have loved to have someone local to commiserate with. it's awfully lonely [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]

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By vapourit on Wed, 10-17-07, 16:09

There is actually a previous thread talking about this. I used the FAHF-2 formula 2 years ago. I got the mixture from a Chinese Herb distributor in Winnipeg. (Canada).

Ofcourse, who knows if the active compound was in the powder I got or if they were even prepared correctly or even the right herbs. The original compound was actually referenced in chinese medicine for fighting gastrointestinal parasites. I questioned them a bit on it and they seemed reputable, but, who knows. Of course, I didn't know what kind of dose to take or exactly what concentration I was talking. I took 10g a day for 6 weeks (which cost ~$100).

I took the peanut specific IgE test before and scored a 26.2. After 8 weeks I took the test again and it was 22.8. Is that within the experimental error of the test? Probably. Was I still allergic? Yes. Did it just not work at all, was the human dose way to low (that was a possibly - I was looking at the dosing of mice - how to your correlate?) Anyways, for me to do 40 or 50 grams a day would be possible, but it would cost $500 and I didn't want to spend that with far too many variables to be sure of anything.

However, I didn't detect any side effects for the time I took it, if that is anything helpful.

waiting for a cure...

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By brad whisnant on Thu, 08-05-10, 22:51

i dont know who you worked with,

but all my patients????

12 grams of the formula per day.
about 1-2 dollars a day.

you need to buy the herbs, mix them together and take the formula. Its very easy and a very basic formula. The orginal formula is Wu Mei Wan, its an anti parasitic formula we all learn our first year in chinese medical school. very basic.

take the pills for about 3-4 months, allergy of peanuts will be gone....then you can take about 3 grams a day, for about 6months...and then you should be done...i.e. cured...

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By dimitraman28 on Wed, 03-13-13, 14:44

Hi Brad,

I just found this post and am very interested in finding out more about this! I have two daughters who both have peanut and nut allergies. I would love if they no longer had the fear of a reaction! Could you email me the formula or where I can find this? I would appreciate any and all help.

Thanks, Dimitra

email: [email protected]

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By canso1967 on Tue, 11-27-07, 05:48

could i also please get the list of herbs e mailed i would be grateful. [email][email protected][/email]

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By hopechapel on Sat, 12-08-07, 06:53

I hear that Mt Sinai is beginning a test of FAHF-2 on adults. My primary physician has a specialty in chinese herbs. And I started doing NAET -- eventhough it seems crazy. And just WHY do I have to clear everything before we get to peanut?

But, someone at school told me her kids were helped.

CAn I too please have the FAHF2 list? I am [email][email protected][/email]

Thank you. A.

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By Danielle on Sat, 12-15-07, 01:15

We have done NAET and had some success. We are due to start up again after the holidays. We also do Bodytalk which is very similar.

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By Alfred on Sat, 02-09-08, 04:09

Was wondering if I could get a list of the ingredients in FAHF-2 I have food allergies,(ige is over 250). my girl friend is chinese. If i could get the list of ingredients ( in chinese or english) we know of traditional chinese doctor we could work with.

Will be happy to let you know of the outcome.

Regards Alfred

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By Alfred on Tue, 02-12-08, 20:52

Hi I wondering if you could give me the FAHF-2 formula. I have access to a reputable chinese herb doctor. I am will to spend $500 to test this for myself with reasonable human dosage. If you can give me the list of ingredients I will test this out on myself and report back to the blog the results.


P.S. I recognize the responsiblity for this is mine good or bad result.

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By Alfred on Tue, 02-12-08, 20:55

If you got the list of ingredients for FAHF-2 could you give them to me. I would like to try it. Will report the results back to the blog. I suggest a number of us try it assume it meets the "chicken soup" criteria (does no harm) and report back.

Sincerely Alfred

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By michaelsmom on Tue, 02-12-08, 22:24

If you click on the link that Corvallis Mom listed, you will find some formulation information.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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By jammies on Tue, 02-26-08, 19:01

I keep hearing about possible allergy cures being studied, but never hear about results. Where can a person find the latest information about these studies (the interleukin-12 molecule and FAHF-2 for example)? If the studies go well, when might we expect a cure to be available?

My son (10 -dairy allergy) had an allergy test today and his "milk welt" was even larger than last time. *sigh* The milk allergy is much worse than the peanut allergy (14 year old son - allergic to all nuts).

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By Beth V on Wed, 02-27-08, 14:32

Hi All,
I recently e-mailed one of the Docs that we seel along with Dr. Sampson. Here's the latest....FAHF2 went to human trials. The initial safety phase was started and given to adults. It will be some time (maybe even a few years) before they know if it is effective. Dr. Sampson is still working with the FDA to get approval to start trials for the vaccine that will be administered rectally. They don't know when that will start.
All and all it sounds promising. If anyone else hears any more updates please post. Thanks, Beth

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By OriJuice on Wed, 03-05-08, 04:05

I would be completely willing to be a test subject for that; even though its in the nether regions! I would even welcome genetic alternation, but I don't think we have that yet.

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By jbud27 on Thu, 10-23-08, 20:47

My son was diagnosed with a peanut allergy last spring. After reading about FAHF-2, I contacted Dr. Li at Mt. Sinai. She offered to see JoJo in NY at her traditional Chinese Medicine clinic because JoJo (only 2) was too young for the human trials. We are treating him with an herbal combination, with the hopes of lowering his IGE levels. Dr. Li has had success with the herbal combination in the past. We go back to see Dr. Li in January. We are hoping for lowered IGE levels.

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By AKing on Mon, 03-30-09, 15:02

Hi Jeanne,

My daughter (2 years 10 months old) has severe peanuts and eggs allergy. She will be going to pre-school soon. I've been withholding my daughter to younger classes since she couldn't talk at the time. There's always cross-contamination or with other kids. I just enrolled her to Pre-K 3 in September '09 and is really worry even she can tell people that she has food allergy. I am sure you know what I am going through without me elaborating.

I was excited to see your post. We actually live in the NY area and thinking of going to see Dr. Li at her clinic if possible. I would like to know how's your son doing right now after having treatment? Was herbal medication given to him? Has his IgE level lowered? Could you please give me some specific information? Any info helps! Hope all is well!


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By madison_mom on Thu, 07-22-10, 04:26

Hi Jeanne,

My son just got diagnosed with peanut and tree-nut allergies, and I'm really interested in FAHF-2. Were you able to see Dr. Li and get the herbal formula? If so, how well did it work? Thanks so much,

Carla (very worried mom)

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By brad whisnant on Thu, 08-05-10, 22:49


any practitioner should be able to administer you Wu Mei Wan, (Fafh-2). Its a very basic formula.

it works very well, i give it to all my patients...

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By ray38 on Mon, 05-28-12, 05:09

hi, jbud27; I am new to this forum but am seriously considering taking my daughter to Dr. Li too. She is currently 2.5 years old and is allergic to peanut, egg, possibly coconut, chickpeas. I was wondering if you did start the treatment and what has been your experience....both in terms of results as well as the logistics of administering a 2 year old multiple daily meds of which one is reportedly etremely bitter. Thanks very much for your help

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By brad whisnant on Thu, 08-05-10, 22:47

all i can say so far, of my 22 patients, all 22 now are peanut allegy free and 16 of them do not even take the herbs anymore. all these people were wearing masks, couldt go outside, were not able to do allergy testing or allergy immunotherapy because of the condition.

FaFh-2 is amazing, it comes from an ancient formula of Wu Mei wan. Wu mei wan is an anti parasetic formula. It mitigates the T branches of the immune system. It works BECAUSE the the branch of the immune systmen that is responsible for anti-parasitic invasion is ALSO responsible for anaphlatic allergy such as peanut allergies....

I make the formula by hand and give to my patients.

Its not a "special" formula, its a very basic normal formula we all learn in school. Every practitioner in the country should be able to make it.

its not rectal, its not liquid, you just buy the herbs in the powder form, put them in capsusles. very easy.

its so surprsising to me that the world is suffering and is such a cheap, easy and effective way to treat this problem.

i treat it everyday in my clinic

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By pxleal on Thu, 01-20-11, 21:23

Is FAFH-2 safe for young toddlers?
My 18 month-old daughter has peanut allergy and I am considering this option, not sure if her age is contraindication for this.

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By madison_mom on Fri, 01-21-11, 02:52

My 3-yr old son is using it right now. The immunologist we're working with has said it's very safe, but with allergic children it's best to go slowly and watch closely for any type of allergic reaction. It's my understanding that it's relatively unusual for people to be allergic to herbs, and outside of allergic reactions the formula has seemed quite safe. Dr. Li has now dropped the Wild Ling Zhi out of the formula. That said, the major problem is that one of the components is terribly bitter (seriously), which is why Mt. Sinai has been considering a suppository for children too young to swallow a capsule. Still, we do get our son to take it by steeping it in water and using an oral medicine syringe. He's not happy about it, to be sure, but he does it.

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By madison_mom on Fri, 08-06-10, 03:48

Hi Brad,

We actually made an appointment with Dr. Li and are flying out to New York in October to see her. It's very expensive for us, but I'm more than willing to make financial sacrifices if it can help keep him safe. My understanding is that the NIH required Mt. Sinai to remove two components of FAHF-1 (maybe the original Wu Mei Wan?) because of uncertain safety profile, which led to the creation of FAHF-2, with the following new formulation (hope this will help anyone else who's been looking for it):

Ling Zhi (Chi), Ganoderma Lucidum, Fruiting body, 28.17%
Wu Mei, Fructus Pruni Mume, Fruit, 28.17%
Chuan Jiao, Pericarpium Zanthoxyli Bungeani, Seed, 1.41%
Huang Lian (Chuan), Rhizoma Coptidis, Root, 8.46%
Huang Bai, Cortex Phellodendri, Root, 5.63%
Gan Jiang, Rhizoma Zingiberis Officinalis, Root, 8.45%
Gui Zhi, Ramulus Cinnamomi Cassiae, Twig, 2.81%
Ren Shen (Hong), Radix Ginseng, Root, 8.45%
Dang Gui (Shen), Corpus Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Root, 8.45%

I know that at Mt. Sinai they're getting reductions in IGE levels and in anaphylactic reactions in mice, but I'm not sure that they're achieving 100% tolerance. (Maybe the components they took out are important?) I would just consult with a local TCM practitioner, but I'm nervous about two things: 1) the expertise of the practitioner--I don't really have a any good way to assess this; and 2) the possibility of heavy metal or other contamination in the herbs. I'm pretty sure that if I can get access to herbs from the same source that Mt. Sinai is using they'll be clean and safe.

I have not the faintest idea how I'm going to get these herbs down my son's throat, since he's 2 & 1/2 and I'm pretty sure can't swallow a capsule. Not a clue on that, but if there's a will, there's a way . . . (hopefully)!

THANK YOU, though, for telling us the name of the formula in TCM. I might try it on myself, since I have one life-threatening allergy to pine nuts.

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By madison_mom on Fri, 08-06-10, 21:18

Oh--one other thing to add--in addition to the two herbs dropped out of the traditional Wu Mei Wan formula (the 2 herbs were Zhi Fu Zi, Radix Lateralis Aconiti Carmichaeli Praeparata and Xi Xin Herba Asari) they also added in one herb, the Ling Zhi. Again, it's possible this might make a real difference in terms of efficacy.

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By DEEPTIK on Tue, 04-12-11, 01:08

Hi Carla,

Could you please update me on how it is going with your son. Did you get his IgE level tested? I am also planning to take my daughter to Dr. Li. I live in Canada. It is very far for me but I will take my daughter to Dr. Li if the herbs are effective.


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By [email protected] on Tue, 09-28-10, 21:10

Hi Brad,
My son has severer peanut allergy. He is 6 year old and weigh about 45 lbs. What is the correct daily doses for him and how long does he has to take it? Thanks.

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By shtwin on Mon, 11-29-10, 04:34

Could any of the parents who are seeing Dr. Li tell us how it is going? I am debating taking my son . . .Thank you!

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By GloriaT on Thu, 12-16-10, 23:11

I would also like to talk to other parents taking their children to Dr. Li. I took my son to see her last month, and he's been taking the TCM tablets, the herbal baths and using the blue herbal cream. We're so new I don't have much to add, but would love to hear about other parents' experiences, children's IGE levels, etc.

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By madison_mom on Fri, 01-21-11, 02:59

Hi Gloria,

We've been doing this since October. We haven't gotten Max's IGE levels re-tested, or had the more accurate cellular (?) level testing yet, so I can't report on that. The only challenge has been having to take the bitter part of the formula twice daily. We separate out the digestion tea, which doesn't taste bad, and give that to him with 3 teaspoons of water. The Mei Huang tea tables we crush with a mortar and pestle, then stick in a shot glass (so you don't have to use much water) and put only 1 tsp of water in, then give it to him with an oral syringe. The lotion is no problem (it's a nice before bed activity), and the baths are no problem for us. Has anyone found a way to give the Mei Huang to their kid that makes the taste more tolerable? Bitter or not, if it can help keep my kid alive I'll do it, but I'd sure love to know if anyone has hit on any other solutions. We follow it up with a small spoonful of honey and some milk.

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By GloriaT on Tue, 01-25-11, 03:47

Hi Carla,
It's great to hear from another parent with a child seeing Dr. Li. The Mei Huang pills we were given are small enough for my son Nick (4.5 yrs old) to swallow, so we don't have to deal with the bitterness issue. He also takes 4 Ling Zhi tablets a day (--interesting to hear that Ling Zhi has been removed from the formula. Maybe Dr. Li prescribes different herbs for her patients based on their allergies/symptoms?) The Digestion Tea goes down just fine for us as well, I separate the capsules, dissolve the tea in hot water, then I mix with honey and an ice cube and Nick drinks it with a straw.

We have seen Dr. Li twice so far, we meet every month and will have Nick's blood tested after 6 months of treatment. Last month Nick had a runny nose, and Dr. Li gave us 3 new teas (Cold, Cough, Prevention). The Cold tea seemed to work, but it's much more bitter than the Digestion Tea, so not very popular here.

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By dkwill on Fri, 04-08-11, 18:30

Hi Carla,

My daughter is allergic to egg and gluten. I would like to take her to Dr. Li. Could you please let me know how it is going with your son. Did his IGE levels improve after the treatment. I suppose his 6 months would be over by now.


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By uma_ru on Mon, 04-11-11, 17:11

Hi Deepti,
Have you taken your daughter to Dr.Li. My son just turned one and has several food allergies. How old is your daughter ?


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By DEEPTIK on Tue, 04-12-11, 00:58

Hi Uma,

Actually I forgot my password and hence had to create a new account. My daughter is 7 years old. I have not yet taken her to Dr. Li but I am thinking of taking her. I feel your son is still very young and can grow out of his allergies soon. I would like to get some input from Carla or Gloria as to how it is going for them.

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By DEEPTIK on Tue, 04-12-11, 00:58

Hi Uma,

Actually I forgot my password and hence had to create a new account. My daughter is 7 years old. I have not yet taken her to Dr. Li but I am thinking of taking her. I feel your son is still very young and can grow out of his allergies soon. I would like to get some input from Carla or Gloria as to how it is going for them.

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By uma_ru on Thu, 01-12-12, 21:25

Hi Deepti - Can you please update us on how the appointment went and if you started the treatment, how the treatment is going.
Also, please check your messages.

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By uma_ru on Wed, 04-13-11, 16:52

Hi Deepti - Thank you for your response. Yes, I am looking for their response too. Can you check your Message that I sent you.

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By chezscoville on Tue, 05-03-11, 19:46

I took my son to a local chinese herbalist and had him make the faf2 formula for me. I gave it to my son for two weeks and then retested his IgE levels...and they went down. His peanut numbers were above 100, and now they are down to 75. I know that 75 is still very high, but I was so happy to see a decrease. Do you think the drop could be related to the herbal treatment, or can peanut numbers that high go down on their own in a four-year-old? He had 2 grams a day (one in a.m. other in p.m.). Is that the right dosage for a 40 lb. four-year-old? Any input would be appreciated!

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By uma_ru on Tue, 05-03-11, 23:10

Chezscoville - When was the last time you got him RAST tested ? The fact that the values are going down is very exciting.

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