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Expiration dates, are you buying old drugs?

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By TomBacc on Wed, 01-18-06, 22:55

ok.... maybe i'm venting a bit ... but you might want to check your scripts....

I just had a situation this week with the local eckards pharmacy. I noticed my sons epi-pens were about to expire (I picked them up in september for school). THe pharmacy told me "as long as they are OK when they are sold they are legal to sell" The district manager told me they pull stock that expires in 3 months or less.
Now, epi-pens have a shelf life of 18 months .... they sold me year old stock. And now i'll need to replace them all in only six months. ..... not illegal , but sleazy business practice.
After checking his other scripts, I fould ALL of his meds expired in less than a year. Xopenex, Albuteral puffer, epi-pen all have longer shelf life. all were old when I got them. THe Xopenex exp. date was mislabeled ( which is illegal) and the NY board of regents is looking into it.
SO, check your script dates against your expiration dates ( and box dates for prepackaged drugs) and make sure you aren't buying drugs that have been on a shelf for most of their useful life.

thanks for listening to me vent.... I'll update on what the investigator says.

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By Gwen 5 on Sun, 01-22-06, 18:15

I ahve learned to check Exp. dates on all meds- I have been "Burned' in the past also.
I now will not leave the pharmacy with drugs that expire in a year-

My last Epi pens that I just got in Jan have an Exp. date of April 2007!

I was pretty happy about that!

I agree, I also have to check the asthma meds as well.

I have requested that the pharmacy reorder meds and they always will- a pain for us because it required a 2nd visit.

Thanks for posting!

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