Exchange student with Peanut Allergies

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By Dawna on Sat, 05-27-06, 23:36

Helloi my name is Dawna and I work exchange students from around the world. I have a German girl that is coming for the 2006/2007 academic year and she has serious peanut allergies and she has requested that I find a family that has knowledge of living with peanut allergies. Is there any place that I can get the word out that I have this student that needs a host family? Please call me at 817-558-2337 or email me at [email][/email] with any suggestions. THANK YOU Dawna

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By momma2boys on Sun, 05-28-06, 01:53

Hello! I would post this on the Main Discussion Board where it will be viewed more. Most people don't look in this forum. Good Luck!

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By ajas_folks on Sun, 05-28-06, 02:11

I'm clueless about how exchange students work.

IS there a specific place in US she is scheduled to come to? Or does she get to choose based on her needs or academic requirements?

Happy to help if I can just understand more about how the system works!

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