Epinephrine carriers

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By Peg541 on Sat, 10-13-07, 18:58

sorry it's gone. If anyone needs this info I have the links. Just email me.



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By carpediem on Wed, 02-06-08, 22:14

Hey there. I saw this message and am looking to buy a double Epi pack carrier, something I can clip on or wear as a belt. I was looking at the padded one on FAAN's site and trying to decide between that (which is $29.95- yikes!) and the regular non-padded carrier. Any info would help. Thanks.

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By KSLaru on Sat, 06-07-08, 15:14

I'm thinking of going with a fannypack for DD at school. Does a regular pack work? Sometimes they will be on outdoor field trips, so are there fannypacks that are insulated - or am I thinking about it too much? What experiences have others had?

FAAN has some carriers, but I didn't really like the style. I considered the zippered red medicine bag, but I wasn't sure how sturdy they are vs a fanny pack. DD's teachers will be carrying it for her throughout the day, but I want it to be something DD likes and thinks of as her "special" bag, KWIM?

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By mom2landz on Sat, 06-07-08, 22:57

we bought two for our son, he can wear each like a belt. he prefers the KozyEpi (we bought the safari pixel one and it seems to blend in well with his clothes).


on the kozyepi site there are a lot more choices if you browse around. i feel like this carrier is easier for my son to wear.


we were super excited for this one, but i think the kozyepi one is easier to wear and easier to get the epi-pens out.

at the following blogsite, this peanut-free mama reviews a ton of choices with links. that's where we found the carriers.


we tried a fanny pack. i couldn't find a very small one, it was bulky for our son. i also tried a camera case, not too good either. we paid a little bit of money for the carriers, but to me, it was well worth it.


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DS#2-allergic to peanut, pea, milk & egg
DD-allergic to sunflower, milk & egg

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By KSLaru on Sun, 06-08-08, 03:56

Thanks for the links. How has the kozyepi held up? We plan to have 2 epis and Benadryl. I'm thinking of the liquid for school just for ease of use. I love the compactness of the melt strips, but I can never seem to get them open very well, and nervous fingers never help! I haven't tried the prepackaged single dose liquid yet. Do you also carry Benadryl? If so, can some fit in the kozyepi? Those seem to be the most stylish and protective.

I appreciated the reviews, some carriers I hadn't seen yet.

If we go with the fanny pack, DD won't be carrying it, so I guess size won't be that big of a deal. I was honestly more worried about one that wasn't long enough to fit the epis. And then I think if I find one too "cute" it won't be thought of as important.

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By mom2landz on Sun, 06-15-08, 04:21

sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you.

the kozyepi has held up really well. he wears it whenever we are not at home and it's been a couple months now. i don't have any benadryl in it. i think the thinstrips might fit, if you just tucked a few in the back. i don't think the liquid would... maybe the single doses. if i had some here i would try, but i don't.

i understand what you're saying about the "cuteness" factor. i don't want it to be cute for cuteness's sake, i just want my son to not be embarrassed to wear it. since he got to pick it out from such a variety, he feels some ownership of it and doesn't mind putting it on. if your daughter won't be wearing it, then that doesn't matter quite as much. :)

i hope you find one that works for you. i remember i spent hours looking at all the different kinds.


DS#1-env allergies
DS#2-allergic to peanut, pea, milk & egg
DD-allergic to sunflower, milk & egg

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