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Epi carriers for adults

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By on Thu, 06-15-06, 17:35

I always have my epi-pens either in my purse or a fanny-pack. This year, sometimes I don't feel like having either.

What kind of carrier do other adults use? I was hoping there was something that could clip securely onto my belt loop.

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By Adele on Thu, 06-15-06, 18:50

I have a small zippered bag that I wear around my waist when out hiking to carry my epis....just a cheapie one that I bought at Target. But I have found that when my epis are in my big purse, they stay cool - I guess because all the 'stuff' in my purse acts as insulation. I'm hesitant to use the smaller bag on hot days because there's nothing between the epi and the bag - and if I'm walking in direct sunlight, it seems the epi could potentially get too warm.

For dressier occasions, I bought a nice little bag at a street/art festival. It's a tapestry fabric with a braided cord that goes over the shoulder. It's got a zippered pocket on each side. It's not much bigger than the dual epi-pen box.

It's perfect to use for a fancy evening when a purse is too much but you still have to carry your epi with you.

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By ajgauthier on Thu, 06-15-06, 19:05

I just got a single insulated baby bottle carrier from eBay that Tupperware used to make. I love it!

It's bulky, yeah, but I put 2 epis and some benadryl elixir in it and throw it in my day bag, backpack, or fanny pack.

At night, I throw it in the freezer (sans meds) and in the morning pop the epi's back in and zip it up. B/c it's kept in another bag all day it stays cool, even if I'm out in the 100+ heat for a few hours.

If I'm out any longer than that...like next weekend I'm in Flagstaff for a volleyball tourney all day...I'll put it in the bottle carrier, wrap the bottle carrier in a towel, and put that whole thing in my cooler. I'm not worried about it getting too cold...I know the injector can not work properly...but really, it would sit out in the hot air for 30 seconds and warm up. Plus, it's insulated from the harsh cold of an icefilled cooler. Plus...I'm eating my own food so I don't think I'm at risk for really having to use it.


30-year old survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

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By srich on Thu, 07-13-06, 01:53

In addition to our Epinephrine Mate we have something called an Allergy Pack Pen Pal case. The Epipen slips in and it can clip to a belt look. My husband really likes it. Allergy Pack has a variety of products like that.

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By on Tue, 07-25-06, 14:45

This is what I've decided to get. Long story, but I plan to purchase by next summer.


It's made by the same company that makes the e-belt.

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By falcon on Fri, 04-27-07, 20:24

recently purchased an ebelt and was so bummed that the belt part is so wide! It is not likely to fit into any belt loops on jeans or pants that me or my son have.

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By on Mon, 05-28-07, 22:38

My allergies did not develop fully until late last fall, so until recently, I have been dropping my epi's in my purse. However, my purse is going to be less effective at keeping the pens below the recommended temp in the raging summer heat.

Because I do not like wearing extra stuff, like pouches and belts, I started looking for a more comfortable/fashionable solution. Last week, I purchased a Gourmet Lunch Tote from Built NY. The tote is made of neoprene and the company states it will stay cool or hot for up to 4 hours (depending on the outside temps, of course). The one thing I really like about it though, is that the tote comes in several fashionable colors/patterns, and it looks very much like a purse. It does not have a shoulder strap, but I rarely use one anyway.

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By Momcat on Tue, 05-29-07, 00:02

Here is a nice handbag or messenger bag option:



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