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By toomanynuts on Sat, 06-04-05, 06:15

I received my first ever order from them today! I was amazed the labeling is really great and they are nut free as well as a lot of allergens free. Besides that there shipping for 2 days was ten dollars. Also, the wanted to make sure I received my order and send an additional e mail to make sure I received. We haven't tried any of the treats we ordered yet but was excited to see a great company making safe food. The also sent along a form to give to our locals stores to request that they carry there products. I would love that! We ordered their cookies, cereal, bagels and chocolate chips.

Now if more companies were like this!

What a blessing!


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By Darkmage on Sat, 06-04-05, 20:32

Yeah, it's a nice company. A few stores in my area carry a few of their products. We tried their cookies. Not bad, but I'd rather make my own - they taste better. I just wish I could find a company that made just milk and peanut free stuff. Not enough of a market for it I guess. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]

[i][b]Peanut Slayer[/b][/i]

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By samsmommy99 on Wed, 06-08-05, 10:50

The snickerdoodles are the best ones, they also have coco loco bars that aren't half bad, however, their cereal tastes like dust, JMO. The whole line also is very pricey, cheapest I have found the cookies is 4.00 a box.

Mother to a 5YO PA, soy, gluten and wheat allergic child who is also autistic. ( non-speaking autistic child who can't tell anyone who he is or what he can eat or not eat!!! scary stuff!!)

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