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Emergency Medication Kits

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By Momcat on Sat, 03-04-06, 22:58

I looked at these online. They look really cool! I wish my child's school had these...



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By SallyL on Sun, 03-05-06, 00:25

What an excellent idea!! I think every school could benefit from one. Someone had their thinking cap on!!

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By Lori Anne on Fri, 06-09-06, 18:57


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By Lori Anne on Fri, 06-09-06, 19:17


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By solarflare on Fri, 06-09-06, 23:12

The evacuation protocol at our school includes the office manager grabbing the bin that student meds are stored in on the way out the door. It goes into a rolling backpack thingie that she takes with her, although the one time that we had a complete evacuation drill where we left the school site, she may have sent it ahead with the teacher that is disabled who drove down.

One year at the teachers request we kept an epi-pen in the emergency backpack that the teachers take with them any time they go on field trips and disaster drills

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By Lori Anne on Fri, 08-10-07, 02:38


THANK YOU for posting about this. We have a kit now in dd's school. It solved a problem for us. I wouldn't have known about this kit unless you had posted it, so thank you.

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