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eggless Snickerdoodles recipe?

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By mango4 on Fri, 11-14-03, 03:34

I LOVE Snickerdoodle cookies, but since my child can't have eggs or nuts, I'm searching for a safe alternative.
Anyone have one?
Thank you!!

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By becca on Sat, 11-15-03, 00:33

How about a regular recipe for them and use egg replacer(Ener-G Egg Replacer available at stores where they sell whole/health foods)? I have found most cookies are okay with this. I sometimes use a touch of extra flour. They just don't seem to keep as well, so freeze any not consumed quickly!

I do have a recipe for regular ones, but have yet to make them(eggless or otherwise). If I do, I will post back. becca

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By katjam on Sat, 11-15-03, 02:01

We use the regular cookbook recipe, and replace the egg with 1 1/2 TB. oil, 1 1/2 TB. water, and 1 tsp. baking powder. They turn out great and no one has noticed the difference. They're my son's favorites.


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By mango4 on Sat, 11-15-03, 02:19

I guess I just haven't been "confident" enough to try the egg replacer yet... but I'll take your advice and give it a whirl.
In the meantime (until I buy the replacer), I'll try the oil/water/baking powder replacement.
Thanks again! I LOVE to cook and bake, so I hope to be posting/reading these threads more often.
Oh by the way, I have the cookbook Bakin' Without Eggs, and recommend it to those with egg allergies.

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