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eggless lemon cookies

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By LauraP on Fri, 12-23-05, 23:29

Made these the first time for my daughter's birthday party last year (a "high tea"), and again today for part of my Christmas cookie platter. If you like lemon, they are wickedly good...and everyone who eats them? Eyeballs pop with a "wow!" and they'll ask for the recipe :-)


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By gvmom on Fri, 12-30-05, 17:32

This sounds like a delicious & easy recipe!! I was wondering what I could do with the huge basket of meyer lemons I have sitting on my counter. What about lemon squares? Anyone try making them eggless? I was wondering if Becca's cornstarch substitute for eggs would work with that -- anyone?

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By dgood on Fri, 12-30-05, 19:59

These look so good. Thank you, I'll try them soon!

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By gvmom on Thu, 01-05-06, 02:14

Made this recipe today -- very yummy! Almost takes the place of lemon squares. Didn't make 6 dozen though - maybe 4. Easy to make -- will definitely make again. Still have a ton of lemons to use up (and lemon juice).

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By ajas_folks on Tue, 11-28-06, 00:15


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