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Egg roll wrappers

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By pgrubbs on Thu, 07-15-04, 12:30

Hey everyone!

I have been using Melissa's egg roll wrappers and wontons to make safe egg rolls and pot stickers at home. As both stores I frequent were out of them, I purchased Nasoya brand as no peanuts or tree nuts are listed on the lable, and they are made in the US and not China. In any event, I decided to call as I have never used them before. I was told they do not label for cross contamination and use shared lines. The customer service supervisor advised me never to use the product for my PA child.

Anybody know of safe egg roll and wonton wrappers? Anybody make their own? I think that takes me to a level I don't want to do, but...

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By falcon on Fri, 07-16-04, 03:24

Where do you purchase Melissa's egg roll wrappers? Thanks.

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By pgrubbs on Sat, 07-17-04, 18:35

Well, we live in NC and our Food Lion did have them, but now they only have nasoya- every grocery store in town now only carries Nasoya.

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By falcon on Sun, 07-18-04, 03:46

Thanks for the reply. I am not real comfortable using Nasoya at this point. Frustrating. My son is picky and has shown interest in trying dumplings, potstickers...so would love to make some.

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