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Egg free recipes

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By Lindajo on Tue, 08-02-05, 05:17

I was surfing the net for egg-free ice cream recipes and this popped up. Hope it helps those looking for egg-free recipes for chocolate cupcakes.


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By HaroldsMom on Wed, 01-25-06, 03:32

these cupcakes are the best chocolate cupcake I have ever eaten..food allergy or not...fantastic recipes..

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By josh'smom on Sat, 01-27-07, 16:29

I just had to post that these cupcakes are incredible. I used the milk chocolate morsels. They taste exactly like brownies! My daughter who does not eat cupcakes at all ate 2 whole ones!


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By KaraLH on Sun, 01-28-07, 22:47

These are the best. I made them a few months ago, right after DD was diagnosed with MFA. It was the first recipe I ever tried. Huge hit. My DH said they were the best he had ever had.


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