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Egg Free Pasta

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By chuser on Mon, 07-21-03, 13:56

This is my first message, so I hope I have posted this in the correct place. My 3 year old daughter has multiple food allergies including peanut, nut, sesame, sunflower, safflower, poppyseed, egg, garlic, mustard etc. The nut/peanut, sesame is severe. I am looking for a pasta where there is no chance of cross contamination of the above allergens. I am finding egg to be the hardest to avoid. My allergist says if she avoids the egg the better the chances of her growing out of it. As well, what are peoples' experience with the sesame allergy, do people out grow it?

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By margaret on Mon, 07-21-03, 16:33

We used Prince when my child had egg allergy. Some of it has shared equipment warnings for egg and we avoided those. I am not sure how severe your little one's egg allergy is, but we tolerated it fine.

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By wendysco on Mon, 07-21-03, 18:54

Try Tinkyada Brown rice pasta. I see no egg listed on the label and when I called a few months ago, they make nothing with nuts at all. We have used it for two years now with no problem. You may have to do an internet search to get the phone number as I don't see it anywhere on the package. Here is the address on it though:
150 Milner Ave.,units 21-23
M1S 3R3 Canada
Good Luck.

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By chuser on Tue, 07-22-03, 13:00

Thanks for the info! I appreciate it.

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By DebO on Fri, 07-25-03, 02:07


The official line from the pasta manufacturer's is that pasta does not have eggs while noodles do. My son, though, just had a reaction last week because I didn't realise the lasagna [b]noodles[/b] in my president's choice lasagna had eggs and he tried a bit of his sister's lasagna. Fortunately benadryl dealt with the reaction.

After reading your post I emailed two of the Canadian manufacturer's and here are the responses I got:

#1 - Catelli brand pasta

Thank you for contacting Ronzoni Foods Canada.

We take food allergies very seriously at Ronzoni Foods Canada and have strict procedures in place to prevent crossover of allergens into other products that do not contain the allergen.

We follow government regulations called Good Manufacturing Practices as well as our own stringent requirements for thoroughly cleaning the equipment between product changes.

As in the case with most commercial pasta manufacturers, it is possible that some egg and non-egg products may be manufactured on the same lines. We believe that cleaning procedures in place at our manufacturing facilities are quite comprehensive, minimizing the chances for allergen crossover.

If you are still concerned, or if you are highly allergic to egg products, you may wish to avoid purchasing our products.

I did get a number to call and will follow up to see if they can clearly state whether ANY products are on egg-free lines or not.

#2 Primo pasta (which I didn't know was Kraft)

Thank you for your e-mail

Kraft Canada is committed to helping our consumers make informed food-choices. Having said this, we therefore do not publish a list of products that either contain or do not contain egg or nuts or other allergins as we feel very confident in our procedures and advise consumers to read the ingredient labels of our products. If there is no egg in the ingredient listing and no warning message following the ingredient listing, then the product will not contain the allergin of interest. This applies to all Kraft/Christie/Primo products.

We recommend that you read the ingredient listing each time you purchase a product as this information can change.

We hope this helps.

A completely unsatisfactory answer as well, I am afraid! In general I have found Kraft Canada to label well, but I was specifically trying to find out if any pasta is on a dedicated line separate from the noodles.

I will keep working on it...

take care


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By poppys mummy on Fri, 07-25-03, 04:57

Have you tried making your own. I used to make fresh pasta all the time and had a pasta macine so I could make my own noodles etc. My recipe had eggs in it but I have another somewhere which is egg free, uses semolina. I will hunt it out if you are interesed. A friend of mine uses the semolina recipe and makes lasagna and ravioli etc...it tastes really good. You can make the dough in a breadmaker...its a breadmaker recipe actually. This reminds me, I must buy some semolina and make some myself!

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By chuser on Fri, 07-25-03, 14:45

Dear Poppys Mummy & DebO

Thanks for your reply, I too called Catelli and got the same answer, the lady I talked to said 95% of the time you can feel safe that there could be no cross contamination, and I could not find a Primo brand of pasta which did not have the egg warning. Which surprises me a bit since Kraft Dinner (my DD's favourite food) has no disclaimer about eggs. I will call Kraft about the KD. I make my own bread due to the sesame allergy, is it hard to make pasta? I do have a bread machine so I would love the recipe for pasta! There are so many things my daughter cannot eat, I just cannot take pasta out of her diet.

I used to buy ItalPasta as they had no egg disclaimer and I could not see an egg noodle product sold under their name. However, their macaroni was recalled due to egg protein contamination. When I called them for more information they were totally disorganized, and the people uninformed. The contact name in the recall could not answer if ItalPasta followed the "may contain" labelling and the person she passed me onto could not either. A co worker of mine who worked in the foood industry for 20 years, said his previous employer looked at sourcing pasta from ItalPasta but they did not pass cleanliness and hygiene standards.


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By nopeanuts on Fri, 07-25-03, 16:42

poppys mummy - Can you please post the recipe for egg-free pasta? Thanks!

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By poppys mummy on Sat, 07-26-03, 03:09

Okay here it is...like i said it is a breadmaker recipe but I am sure you could just pop it in a food processor or do it by hand if you want.

220ml water
1 Tablespoon olive oil
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
300g (2 cups) plain flour
170g (1cup) semolina
Breadmaker setting: PASTA

once its mixed the dough roll it out thin then you can either roll the pasta like you would wrapping paper and cut slices off it to get noodles, use the whole sheets for lasagna, or make up little filled pasta squares for ravioli. When you get used to the consistency of the dough you can subtitute a little of the water with tomato paste for tomato pasta (or pureed spinach) or just add herbs or cracked pepper. Cook in boiling salted water for about 3 minutes (just like fresh pasta).

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By chuser on Mon, 07-28-03, 14:20

Thanks poppys mummy! I am going to try it out this week

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By Scooby on Tue, 07-29-03, 00:47

Barilla makes egg free pasta in the US. They do manufacture an egg version, and also tortellini that contains peanut oil, but those are made in Italy.

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By DebO on Mon, 08-11-03, 19:16

Just want to mention that there is an italian manufacturer of specialty foods that are gluten-free. There pasta is also egg free and available online in the US and Canada through sites like [url="http://www.healthyeden.com"]www.healthyeden.com[/url] Dr. Schaer also has lots of baked goods, many of which are also egg free. You can see their products at [url="http://www.schaer.com"]www.schaer.com[/url]

take care


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By FoodAllergies on Sun, 03-11-12, 00:45

It is very hard to adjust to allergy safe eating. It takes a lot of work when you go to the grocery store.

My nephew has a few of the same allergies including the garlic and sunflower which are a little more rare. His test came back showing a low allergy on those but we try to avoid them.

Garlic is in a lot of products and spices. Also Sunflower and Safflower are almost in all chips and a few alternative milks. We are basically left with Rice milk and have only found one brand that doesn't contain sunflower and/or safflower in the ingredients (Pacific Rice Milk).

Removing egg from your diet is a big adjustment to, so many recipes use that however once you get the hang of it you will find that it is nice not having to worry about having eggs to make cookies, pancakes, and such.

I have posted a few gnocchi recipes on my site that you might enjoy (http://www.foodallergiesrecipebox.com/).

Also you may want to double check the label by I usually use Tinkyada Pasta, Quinoa Harvest or Lundberg brown rice pasta. They all have a few different shapes but double check the label and where they manufacture as sometimes they can change their process, sometimes if you visit the website you will find information too.

The FDA recommends "when in doubt leave it out" so if you ever question whether a product is safe or not they suggest putting back on the shelf.

In time eating allergy friendly becomes second nature... I find I feel more comfortable when I can control the ingredients.

I wish you and your family the best : )

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