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ebelt blues

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By CVB in CA on Mon, 08-13-07, 17:37

I've been trying to get a new e-belt for my son. Zoni does not seem to sell direct anymore. I'm not having much luck.

I've contacted Zoni and they have given me a several numbers in Canada. These distributors are on vacation, think I can go through medic-alert U.S., are out of stock or whatever. I even gave e-bay a shot a few minutes ago. This the product we want and have used for five years but this is kind of discouraging.

I know there are a lot of posters from Canada. Is this normal for doing business up there? Or is it my horrible U.S. accent?

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By Just Wondering on Mon, 08-13-07, 21:30

I'm in Ontario and just tried ordering one online and when it didn't go through I sent an e-mail. This is the response I got last week. The website is [url="http://www.ebelt.ca/products."]www.ebelt.ca/products.[/url]

At present we are still having issues with the website.I therefore do not have an order for you.I've been told it'll be up soon ...but no firm time.I can be reached at 1-866-692-2424 opt.#2 if you would like to order over the phone or the option (once the system is up) ordering on-line will be available.My hours are M/W/TH./F and I can be reached any time after 09:00 until 15:00.

Hope this helps.


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