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Duncan Hines

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By Mark on Sun, 04-04-99, 22:30

We checked with Duncan Hines recently about their cake mixes because we were going to a family get together where one of their mixes was going to be used and want to share the following with you:

The angel food and white cake mixes contain almond extract as an ingredient for flavoring. All of their mixes are made on the same production lines. The do make a peanut butter cookie mix on this same equipment. The lady I spoke with stated that they thoroughly clean all equipment between each flavor and, in her words, "there is no possible way that it could be cross-contaminated." It's a good thing that we all know better than that though, isn't it?
Needless to say, Gail made some safe cup cakes from scratch for Tanner to take with us so he wouldn't be completely left out of the deal.

Stay safe,

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By Patti on Sun, 04-04-99, 22:49

Mark, Thanks for your time posting this. I have a quick question though. Was this almond extract listed in the ingredients or was it under some general heading such as natural flavorings?

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By Mark on Mon, 04-05-99, 01:51

I didn't see the product label as it was not at our home. I had the person making the cake e-mail me the ingredients as they were on the label and it was not listed. I believe that it was under the umbrella of "natural and artificial flavorings" that was listed.

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By Patti on Mon, 04-05-99, 14:34

Mark and others, I checked my pantry for Duncan Hines and I had two boxes (I won a big gift basket at a PTA auction that included a lot of mixes.) The yellow cake mix had no listing of extracts or peanuts/nuts, but I won't trust it now. But more importantly the Angel food cake mix listed Hydrogenated Peanut oil in the ingredients. Another great reason to not eat baked goods at someone elses house. I am going to call Proctor and Gamble if I can later to discuss this extract situation.

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