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Dum Dum Lollipops in CVS Packaging - unsafe??

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By Mom2K on Wed, 02-20-08, 13:59

Well I was at CVS and was going to buy some dum dum pops and picked up a package of the "CVS branded" candy bags. I noticed that the packages states "PACKAGED in a facility that PACKAGES nuts". In my mind I thought the dum dums were safe. I'm guessing the CVS ones have the warning b/c they must package all their candies into the bages in the same plant?

So do you allow your child a dum dum if you don't know what "main packaging" it came from (I'm thinking Halloween, Easter, Valentines)? She had one at the hairdresser a few weeks ago and since Spangler states the regular dum dum pops are made on dedicated lines etc. etc. I thought they were all safe.

Would you give your PNA/TNA the CVS packaged ones since they are individually wrapped, although not individually sealed?


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By blsdmom on Wed, 02-20-08, 14:25


We've purchased Dum Dum's for a couple years and last year we were also at CVS ready to purchase a pack which was packaged by CVS until I noticed the warning.

I would not advise buying the CVS brand even though the Dum Dum's were manufactured in a safe facility, they were packaged in a place that may have contaminated the suckers one way or the other and, in my opinion, that makes them unsafe. Even nut dust or residue could cause a reaction in an allergic child so, better safe than sorry.

Wal-Mart sells Dum Dum's in a large bag with no PA/TNA warning. (somewhere around $3 if I remember correctly)

Good Luck,
Blessed Mom

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By Mom2K on Sun, 03-09-08, 18:22

thanks for your input. I wasn't planning on buying the CVS ones, but how do I know if others (i.e. halloween) used the CVS ones rather than the large "safe" bags????

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By tidina on Sun, 03-09-08, 19:52

you dont, you take a chance. usually though people arent buying little bags at halloween, they buy the huge ones.

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