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DS had mild reaction to food I fed him

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By polgaberry on Wed, 04-04-07, 01:25

My two and a half year old PA/TNA ds had a mild (hives on his neck,crying) reaction to a Hood ice cream sandwich yesterday (he had a TINY bite and spat it out, crying). I have only very recently discovered this website and am grateful for the information I have found here. I knew, for example, not to give him benadryl immediately because it might mask the more severe symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction until it was too late. I didn't give him benadryl at all because the hives didn't spread after the initial reaction and because I'm now paranoid.

Today I did a search on these boards and elsewhere online, because I thought that the food I had fed my ds was "safe." I was appalled to discover that the FALCPA in the USA doesn't cover "processed on equipment shared by" or "processed in a facility which also uses" food allergens. This was a total shock to me and I wonder am I the only one who has learned this the hard way? I thought I was so diligent and now I feel so guilty. After all of these months of worrying what other people might expose my ds to it was ME who gave him an unsafe food.

Hood wants me to send the product to them for testing. I haven't spoken with them yet but I will post in the "Manufacturers" forum when I have more info (I have seen old posts regarding Hood but will share to give updated info).

This was my ds's first reaction of any kind since we took our first ride in an ambulance together and even though -- thank goodness -- it was mild, it was still scary and horrible.

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By NicoleinNH on Wed, 04-04-07, 03:11

I haven't called Hood in a while, but I thought they were better than most...then I read something on one of the boards that scared me and I stopped buying Hood (we've been making our own icecream but I haven't attempted icecream sandwiches).

Please let me know what you find out. I have let DD eat the Hood icecream sandwiches at Bugaboo Creek (choices are the icecream sandwich or the Hoodsie cup, which I also thought was safe)---I hope they aren't now running those on shared lines.

Thanks for the info and I am so glad your son is OK!

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By McCobbre on Wed, 04-04-07, 03:31

You may want to send the sandwich in for indpenedent testing, too. Look in the Campbells' soup thread for more info about that.

This is not intended as advice, but it's in our plan to give bendadryl for just hives to stop the reaction--especially if we're there at the ready with the Epi. My doctor told me recently not to attend a dinner where my allergy (to which I am very airborne sensitive would be present) having taken benadryl because it could mask anaphylaxis, but we do use it to treat an actual reaction.

You may want to speak with your allergist about that to see what he or she recommends.

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By polgaberry on Wed, 04-04-07, 21:10

I just posted in the "manufactured food" board about Hood. Thanks for your reply Nicole and thank you for your advice McCobbre. It is good to hear what other people do in a similar situation!

-- Kate

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By niche on Thu, 04-05-07, 01:29

Hello, My Son had a reaction to cross contaminated bakery bread about a month after his Diagonsis. Entire body hives is as far as it went - thank heavens. At the time I didn't know about this site or how to send for testing I really wish I had. I did however call the FDA and report it, I didn't really figure they would do anything... They actually went to the store and talked to them about their procedures etc.
Just a thought for you.
Very glad everything is ok,
DD 9 months ????

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