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Dove Exfoliating Soap Bars - TNA Specific

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By on Fri, 08-01-03, 06:09

Tonight, sitting watching Without a Trace and I saw a commercial for Dove Exfoliating Soap Bars. I'm not sure if it was exclusively American specific or if the product is available in Canada as well or not.

At any rate, part of the commercial showed crushed walnuts. Now, from the pic of the bar of soap, I don't think you'll actually get chips of walnut shells in the soap to exfoliate your skin.

I do believe there was the mention of the word *extract*. To me, that has always meant, when it comes to cosmetics, in particular (and with regard to PA/TNA), the oil of the thing (i.e., the walnut in this case) but could *extract* not mean part of the shell somehow crushed up and incorporated into the bar of soap?

Anyway, for me, just not pleased. Yes, tons of other bars of soaps out there to use and use safely but this prolifiance of peanuts/tree nuts in EVERYTHING continues to boggle my mind (especially the one e-mail I got from Oil of Olay and I guess why is peanut oil considered a good scent diffuser? - the whole Downey scenario).

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


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By ACBaay on Fri, 08-01-03, 11:34

A few years ago, I was visiting a client's office. I used the bathroom adjacent to the factory, and when I used the liquid soap, there were these little pieces of shell in my hand. I read the ingredients, and yes, walnut shells. I am not the allergic one, ds is, but it really shocked and surprised me. Anyway, we use wipes now and not the liquid soap, unless we are home.

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By dmbb on Sat, 08-02-03, 02:24

I'm pretty sure the commercial was saying that there are no harsh nut shells in their soap.

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By on Sat, 08-02-03, 02:50

The commercial may have been saying that there were no harsh nut shells in their soap but I'm pretty sure they were saying that there were walnut extracts in there regardless. Why else mention the walnuts? I don't know that many soaps that have harsh nut shells in them. I'll have to catch the commercial again. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/confused.gif[/img]

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By marina_twinmom on Mon, 08-04-03, 20:27

FWIW, the last time I checked, Dove bars for sensitive skin contained almond oil. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]

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By Gadget on Tue, 08-05-03, 02:06

A lot of exfoliating products do in fact have nut shells in them (finely ground, of course). I haven't checked the Dove bar out specifically, but it wouldn't surprise me at all to find walnut shells in it. If you are tna, you should be very careful with any product that is an exfoliant. HTH!

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By synthia on Thu, 11-06-03, 17:06

reraising in light of MonicaW thread running
I veered off topic on the Dove sensitive skin
bar soap has Almond oil in it.
I am still ticked off.
Love this site
edited to add phone # 1800-598-5005

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By alex's mom1 on Thu, 11-06-03, 18:52

I just called Lever Bros about the Dove Sensitive skin Body Wash. It does not contain the almond oil. She did verify that the bars did contain sweet almond oil.

Now for my question...My PA only DS has used this BAR soap for a VERY LONG time. I feel like a bad mommy ... should I let him still use it? He has never broken out or shown any type of reaction to this before.

Opinions Please

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By wendysco on Thu, 11-06-03, 18:56

We too used the Dove sensitive skin bar with no problems. However out of principle we stopped using not only Dove but also Cetaphil and now the Aveeno Oatmeal (soy cross contamination - my sister reacts to their lotion) line. We have been very happy with Vanicream cleansing bar and recently purchased their bath oil which I am also very pleased with. We also use their jar skin cream.

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By on Fri, 11-07-03, 01:52

alex's mom 1, here's my thinking about your situation. Your child is PA, not TNA. And we're talking about tree nuts in cosmetics. I really wonder what the stats would be (of course there never are any) on a tree nut in a cosmetic having been contaminated with a peanut. So, it *could* come down to a comfort zone thing.

The only caution I would put in is that 30% of PA children end up developing TNA so I'm wondering if avoiding tree nuts, even if only in cosmetics, would perhaps the child NOT to develop the TNA, I don't know.

Personally, and again, it's my own comfort zone thing, I don't use any toiletries with tree nuts in them and my son is PA only. But I do really believe it's a comfort zone thing and again really wonder what the possibility of cross contamination in cosmetics could possibly be.

I have a peanut/tree nut home and it may sound extreme, but that means toiletries as well.

As far as my original post re whatever these particular Dove bars were (not the ice cream, I know that [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img] ), I am sure that the one person was correct - they were showing walnuts in the commercial, that the bar didn't have huge chunks of walnuts to help exfoliate in them (it doesn't mean that they don't have small chunks).

But it wasn't advertising for a walnut filled exfoliating bar anyway, which I originally thought it was.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


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