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By toomanynuts on Thu, 02-26-04, 04:31

Does anyone eat these? My DD PA/TNA loves the new Rollitos.. Just Curious... Thanks

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By Drew's mom on Thu, 02-26-04, 04:38

Drew has eaten Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch Doritos many times without any problems.

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By NutsBugMe on Thu, 02-26-04, 20:25

I am severly peanut and walnut allergic and I eat Doritos Nacho Cheese chips all the time. For a twist, I sometimes melt a little cheese on them with black olives. Yum. Sometimes I eat way too many! [img][/img]


Ps: I am in the United States


Terri in the USA
(Severe allergy to peanuts, walnuts, haddock, tuna and avoid all nuts and fish)

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By Codyman on Fri, 02-27-04, 01:00

My daughter enjoys these, however I must say that I think I have broken her addiction to them and so she hasn't had any in approx. 2 weeks!!

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By deegann on Fri, 02-27-04, 21:52


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