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Don\'t know where to post this

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By syrupg on Thu, 06-19-08, 17:07

I'm just wondering why isn't a blood test a scheduled thing like vaccines are for kids...as in after discovering DS is allergic, I now wish it was common to give him a test at 2 just in case. Why do we have to wait till they have a scary reaction before we can ask to have them tested? Is there anything being done about this?

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By williamsmummy on Tue, 06-24-08, 12:12

because we are still a minority, a growing one, but still a small group of people .

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By debbie14 on Wed, 06-25-08, 02:44

Hi, My son"s doctor said we'd test him every year now. First reaction was at 18months then we tested at 3(We had to do lead test and all the rest whynot PA). And we plan on testing him again a 4. And I bet she would do it now if I asked her too. If your child can do the blood draws ok -why can't they test them every year??? Deb
son PA

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By Mrsdocrse on Fri, 07-04-08, 12:46

this is a good questsion. My dr said that tests in really young ones are not reliable. and also blood test is less accurate. and some faulse positives. and really, until they actual eat the food and have a reaction, you don't know if they areally allergic....

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By GeGe on Fri, 07-04-08, 14:32

I had two kids with asthma and now have one grandchild with it. I think every child with asthma should be tested. A false positive isn't going to hurt anybody, so you keep them away from something extra, but not knowing can and probably is making them sick longer. I wish I'd known what was making my kids sick. Back then it was mostly a guessing game.


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By KSLaru on Fri, 07-04-08, 19:53

I was just thinking about this last night. In DD's allergy panel, she tested neg to walnuts so we were told "she's not allergic to tree nuts" by our ped's RN. This could give a false sense of security in my book. I don't think DD has ever had walnuts, or any other nuts; just PN. I still wouldn't feed her walnuts, or any nuts, since her first ingestion could result in a reaction.

I asked our allergist about testing for all TN to know "for sure" and he didn't feel it was a good idea, for the very reasons Mrsdocrse indicated.

Yes, I wish there was some screening tool as well, there is just no way to know until after the experience. I wish there was better education by pediatricians on PN/TN allergies, or food allergies in general for that matter, from the start of solid food introduction.

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