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Does your child\'s school attempt to make special events food-free?

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By hollys2funboys on Thu, 08-28-08, 00:01

Just wondering...

What attempts or precautions has your allergic child's school made to plan school activities and special events (birthdays, Halloween, Christmas parties, etc.) that are not food oriented? My 4 year old pa/tna son will be starting kindergarten and apparently, from what I've heard, special events revolve around food.

By the way, when I was a child, parents never brought in cupcakes/cake for their child's birthday. Is this a relatively new trend? Wouldn't that mean that one would eat cake 20-30 times per school year? Is it just me, or is this a little excessive?


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By jamoswife on Thu, 08-28-08, 20:19

My school does very little. I don't allow my child to eat anything from the bakery but Krispy Kream donuts are huge around here and they are totally pf so she gets so excited to when they bring those. I offer every year to purchase donuts for all of the parties and they always say no. It bugs me because it would be nice that she not feel different or be stuck eating a fruit leather when everyone eles eats cake.

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By niche on Thu, 08-28-08, 21:21

My son's school has food food everywhere - but I am going to work to change this. For instance it is the fourth day of school and they have had 3 food events so far. crazy isn't it.

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By MommyOfTwo on Thu, 08-28-08, 21:51

My oldest doesn't have FA's but my youngest does and my oldest is going to a public school preK program this year and I have to drop him off and pick him up and they too have had "goodies" the last few days and it is the first week of school!!! Two days of cupcakes and today he had a chocolate chip cookie and PB cookie! YIKES! He wants to stay and eat lunch with his classmates but the only thing on the menu he would eat would be PB&J. Honestly I'm scared out of my mind about when my youngest has to go to school if this is the way it is! Why is everything so centered around FOOD????

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By jenniferbfab on Fri, 08-29-08, 04:10

Our school does have some food at events. I remember even at night when the parents go to listen to the teachers explain certain parts of the curriculum, there was a table with coffee, doughnuts, and peanut m & m's. And this was in the library, not the cafeteria. And there are cake walks, valentine's day party, halloween, etc...

Not much effort is made to make things food-free except they make a point of not bringing food for birthdays.

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By cristym on Sun, 08-31-08, 17:33

Most special events at my my sons school do involve food, he is entering 3rd grade. I send in a treat for my son when I know about them in advance. I usually give him a choice of something like rice krispies and a home made cupcake. If there is an event that sneaks up, I will offer to make him a treat that evening.

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By Mrsdocrse on Wed, 09-03-08, 01:38

jamoswife: Can you bring a " safe" cup cake that you have made from home on a special occassion? My sonis going back to school tommorrow. I make "safe" cupcakes at home. A cup cake in a little sealed container and give it to the nurse ( she has a freezer in her office) Whent here is a party or birthday the teacher gets the " safe" cup cake from the freezer( the container has his name on it) and he has a treat with everyone else. I send a back up as well. when the empty container comes home I replace it the next day. I keep a stash of unfrosted cups cake in the freezer and I always have can of frosting in the fridge. will they let you do that?

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By Peanutfreelive on Thu, 09-04-08, 04:23

I am mom of 4th grader and 2nd grader PA child. The schools private and public use food and candy as reward. A bag of candy is cheaper than buying fruits or veggies to sit out for open snack time throughout the day. I lost 10 lbs the first months after I quit a year long substitute position. My child has been exposed 1 time in private preschool and now in public school at least 6 times. By 2nd grade I am wanting a PEANUT FREE school. Good luck!

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