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Documentary on Sabrina Shannon\'s story

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By SkyMom on Sun, 11-04-07, 01:43

Just a quick reminder for Canadians that their is a documentary on the Global channel at 10:00 p.m. This doc. talks about Sabrina Shannon and how her death led to Sabrina's law on anaphylaxis policies in Ontario schools.

Here is link to global.

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By katiee on Mon, 11-05-07, 02:14

Thanks Skymom, I did not know that was airing tonight.


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By SkyMom on Mon, 11-05-07, 02:22

katiee, this aired Saturday November 3. I apologize for the mix up. They will be selling this documentary through the National Film Board of Canada in January 2008. In the above link to global you can see a five minute overview of the one hour documentary.

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By SkyMom on Fri, 11-09-07, 23:50

They now show the entire one hour episode. Highly recommended.
Go down the page and click on full episodes

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By carpediem on Sun, 12-02-07, 23:05

Thank you so much for posting this. I was very impressed by the outstanding journalism in this documentary. It was very accurate and thorough and emotional as well. It brought me to tears several times. This will help so much in spreading awareness. I feel this is an excellent tool for teaching about food allergies and am trying to get a copy, if possible.

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By GinaC on Wed, 01-09-08, 18:57

I am told a slightly different version will appear on US tv this year. Will let you know details when available.

Take care,

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By joyojoy on Thu, 01-10-08, 22:31

I tried to watch the full show online, but kept getting kicked back to the 5-minute preview. The preview itself was heart-rendering for me -- I can tell the full hour is going to be a tear-jerker. I've contacted them about getting a DVD of it to show to my local parents food allergy support group.

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By SkyMom on Fri, 05-09-08, 22:23

bump for new members

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By niche on Sat, 05-10-08, 04:20

Did someone already post a link where you can buy it?

I found this hope it works:

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