We have to wait till November 9 for an appt. Have heard she is great, but heard that about current Dr. too. ER Dr.s all suggested a change to someone a Children's Mercy.
Hi everyone, My name is Jessica, I'm new here... I posted an intro a couple days ago. I have a problem and I wonder if anyone has any advice, or has had something simalar happen. I've had 2...
This might be too much to hope for, but if any of you live in the San Diego area, do you know of a good allergist? If no one knows anyone in particular, how do I check these places out before I go...
Our middle dd has seen an allergist in Rochester (Dr. Dreyfus), but I wasn't thrilled with him. After our dd had an ana reaction, he suggested just to try and avoid peanuts. He's much older and...
"Update on Peanut Allergy" on Monday, Sept. 8, from 7 to 9 p.m. at Children's Hospital/Beth Israel Medical Care Center, 482 Bedford St., Lexington. Speaker is allergist Dr. Michael Young, author of "...
Help - my 2 year old son was diagnosed with pa 2 months ago - we left with very little from the doctor - he has had a few minor reactions of hives and each time I call the doctors office they say "oh...
Can anyone reccomend an allergist in Philadelphia, PA or the Philly suburbs (either PA or South Jersey)? I moved recently and since I haven't been to my old allergist in 4 years they will not...
I am trying to find a new allergist for DD and wondered if anyone has had experience with any of these doctors? Francisco Bonilla George Goldman Javed Sheikh They are all associated with Children's...
WOW! What a great wealth of info this board is!! I'm so glad to have found you all. I posted this question with my introduction, but I thought I would ask again over here... My 9 month old DD was...
I'm looking for a new allergist for my daughter. (I know there was a topic about this in the past and have been unable to find it.) We have an appointment scheduled with Dr. Young for June that I...
My 23 mo old dd had a 5 on a RAST test (we don
I've already posted this story on the 'Introduction' board but I wanted to share here and get people's opinions... My ds, now 2.5, always hated pb or anything peanut. Rubbed his eyes on occasion..now...
Whoops! Somehow posted under wrong topic. See "Airlines" topic. Sorry. [This message has been edited by Suz-a-loo (edited June 07, 2003).] [This message has been edited by Suz-a-loo (edited June...
Hi everyone. I was hoping someone could recommend an allergist in the Buffalo area. The doctor I saw before we moved here didn't have any recommendations. Searching on-line, I can't find anyone...
Hi, Does anyone know or have any experience with any doctors with Duke University Hospital doctors? I don't feel my current allergist is doing all he can for my daughter so we are seeking a second...
Hi all, About six weeks ago I suspected that Vince was PA and this was confirmed, in my mind, by avoiding all peanut and Vince's eczema completely clearing up. When I accidently ate peanut again, his...
My son (22 months) has his first allergist appointment next week for testing. We know for sure he is allergic to peanuts (from a reaction that required an ER visit.) Will they do both a blood test...
Hello, does anyone have any experience with Dr. Michel Akl in Jamestown , NY or Dr. Luis Melgar in Hamburg, NY? Is there anywhere online you can check them out? Thanks for your help
my son, two, has a severe peanut allergy, and also has asthma, he was hospitalized after christmas with asthma problems and the doctor gave him Atrovent to help his breathing. Atrovent, we found out...
We had A.J.'s yearly exam with his allergist yesterday (no skin test or anything this year). I was asking several questions regarding new research, safe products, etc... and the allergist told me...

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