Need good allergist (pediatric, if possible) in south Georgia OR Tallahassee, Florida OR Jacksonville, Florida? Any help appreciated! Thx, EB [This message has been edited by ajas_folks (edited...
I have an appointment for my PA son with a Dr. Jan Broadbent set up for June 3rd. My pediatrician recommended her as a pediatric food allergist. Her office is in the Salt Lake City area - 4+ hour...
I arranged this appointment because of william's reactions to dog, and our discovery of other food allergies. I had telephoned them , but felt that we needed to discuss a few more points. I spent...
Can anyone recommend a pedi-allergist in the Tampa, FL area? I've heard a few good things about a Dr. Klemawesch in St. Pete's, and a Dr. Lockey at USF. My 3 y.o. DS is allergic to peanuts, tree...
Last week I took my 5 year old PA DD to the allergist to have her tested for environmental allergies. She gets severe croup and lots of 'guck' in her throat and I wanted to know if it was caused by...
Please post to help educate those doctor's who need more education on peanut allergy (many are reading these discussion boards and contacting us here at the office)(pediatricians and board certified...
help! i have a fabulous pediatric allergist at children's memorial hospital in chicago (jacqueline pongracic) and now i just found out we are moving to the phoenix area. i don't know where to begin...
Hey- I'm a new mom trying to find a pediatric food allergist in my area for my 15 month old daughter just diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy. I live in Lake Tahoe and am willing to travel in the...
I may be in need of a pediatric allergist in Toronto. I would prefer one that specializes in food allergies, but, since I don't know if any do, a recommendation of a ped. allergist will help. Seeing...
I'm posting this on this forum at Chris' suggestion. During the Christmas break, Kevin had to be rushed to the ER twice in 24 hours for asthma and croup, simultaneously. The second time we went, the...
Perhaps we can start a list of helpfull PA MDs. My daughter went to an alergist in Oakland, CA who was clueless. I asked for a letter to present to the airlines verifing my daughter allergy so they...
I am curious, how often does the allergic person in your family see the allergist? I guess this would be excluding those with asthma, since I would think they would need to be followed more closely....
Do you think it's important to have a primary care doctor who is really up to speed on PA, or do you think it's okay to have a otherwise good primary doctor and a good allergist? I think I have a...
I am looking for an allergist/asthma specialist in my area - Northern Ontario - CANADA. Several years ago I saw a fabulous specialist by the name of Dr. Michael Newhouse in Hamiliton at the...
anyone know of a good allergist in portland- PA specialist??
Anyone know of a good allergist in Cleveland, Ohio. The one I saw last week was anything but desirable!! Thanks!
My 2 year old son is PA and we are looking for a allergist, does anyone here live in this area and have any recomendations?
Hello All: I just found out my DD's allergist is no longer working due to illness, Dr. Gold. He was very good and specialized as a pediatric allergist. I hope everything works out for him. Can...
Can anyone reccommend a good allergist for PA in the Ft. Worth, Texas area? Also, has anyone heard of or been to Dr. Bob Lanier in Ft. Worth?
I live in Charlotte but would travel for a good allergist. Thanks!!

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