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My 21 year old son has just moved to Raleigh and will be looking for a good doctor to refer him to an allergist. He is peanut, tree nut and soy allergic. Thanks:)
We currently use a *local* allergist who we really like, but are lucky enough to live in the Baltimore/Washington area where we have access to some of the *top* national allergists around. Does it...
Hi all...This is my first post! Thanks for reading! 2 years ago, my daughter was diagnosed as "Highly Allergic" to peanuts by our pediatrician. (Her RAST score, which I can't say I really understand...
Would appreciate any help on locating pediatric allergist as we prepare for relocation to this area in near future. Please feel free to e-mail me if don't wish to post here. My e-mail address is in...
Our doctor really wants us to participate in the National Jewish Hospital day program with my fa son. Has anyone been through this program? And if so, what was your opinion? Likes, Dislikes?...
Anyone in Massachusetts? (silly, I know) If you do, and would like to say a 'good' word on your doc, please do. If you have nothing to say, then don't, kwim? That being said: We saw, when Caitlin was...
[url="http://www.drscore.com"]http://www.drscore.com[/url] This is a free site that you can rate and read other ratings about Dr.s. It is all confidential. It has listed just about every type of Dr....
Is anyone able to recommend a good food allergy allergist in the Central Florida (Orlando) area?
We will be in Orleans county, which is between Buffalo and Rochester. Anyone know of a good allergist? Thanks!
My kids have been referred to Dr Stone at Chirldren's Hospital in DC. I called in early August, and the next available appointments were late November. Has anyone been to him or heard of him?
We had our "2nd opinion" visit with a new allergist since the 1st one was saw was such an @$$!@#$. HE WAS WONDERFUL! He said there is no doubt that ds has a PA, buthe did want to verify he wasn't...
Another alternative type -- Has anyone seen him? My Arts camp Director just gave me his name and told me that his daughter, about five at the time, had allergies to wheat, dairy and lots of...
Has anyone been there? (Massachusetts). My kids general Dr, who is excellent, nade the cover of Hudson Valley for Top Docs recommended them.(She has alternative leanings and recommends chinese herbs...
I was wondering if anyone on the board in the general SF Bay area can recommend an outstanding allergist? We have been seeing our allergist for years, but I'm wondering, from reading some of the...
I have a friend with an almond allergy. He has not seen a doctor about this, but his description of his reactions are pretty scary. Does anyone know of a good allergist in Independence or the...
I have an allergist, but I'd prefer one who specializes in food allergies.
I have had three reactions to peanuts, although RAST testing last summer showed no peanut allergy. What other tests are there, and does anyone know of a good allergist in the Chicago NW suburbs?...
Do you find that allergists are pretty likely to consider possible allergies and test for them? I'm beginning to think that my children's allergist thinks I worry too much, and that he doesn't...
Anyone have a board certified pediatric allergist in the Kansas City area that they're pleased with? Had an appt. yesterday with a "fellow" at Children's Mercy and was NOT happy with appt. at all......
It has been suggested that we see Dr. Atkins at Children's Jewish in Denver. Anyone have experience with him?
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