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This was just emailed to us. Please help out, this may be a chance for us to get the word out!
If you have a child who has just been diagnosed with the peanut allergy, I would recommend some of the following sites: [url="http://www.mayohealth....
I've read several posts which say (to the effect) "no matter how careful we were, my child was exposed to peanuts and had a reaction." I have several...
please email me directly TIA
Hi, my name is Debbie, and I have a 2-1/2 year old son, Matthew, who is anyphylactic peanut allergic. His first reaction was at 15 months and...
Thank you so much, Peanut Allergy Web Folks, for creating this forum! I am looking forward to hearing the latest research on how peanut allergies...
I recently booked a flight online and during the process was asked about meal preference. This included vegetarian, diabetic, etc. but NOT peanut...
My family will be traveling to Disney in May. My 2 year son has a severe peanut allergy. Southwest Airlines says that with a note from my doctor...
The following site as noted information on peanut allergies which are being discussed at the Annual AAAAI Conference: [url="

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