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Hi everyone! I have 3 1/2 year old fraternal twins - boy/girl. BOTH twins were diagnosed as P.A. in 3/98 after tasting a pb&j sandwich. So far...
Following my daughter's inhalation reaction yesterday, the school principal has decided to remove all peanut products for sale through the vending...
I have a 3 year old son who is allergic to peanuts. So far so good, we have never had to deal with any sort of reaction. I have just recently bought...
Next question, thanks for replying Deb. What is a CAPa test, and I didn't know you could have a blood test to determine how severe you are to peanuts...
Just checking to see what is the most commonly used vitamin amoung PA kids. I've used Flinstones and just bought Garfield (but haven't given them to...
This week has been just so horrible. I have actually considered not taking Sean anywhere. This week I took him to my 2 older childrens sports...
Hi Wow what a great site. but would like some input from other Moms who have pa kids My allergist has only ever done a skin test to determine the...
My son is 10, and we haven't had him tested in years. We thought he should be tested again and were told about a Pediatric Allergist in our area....
The 9/16 meeting in West Hartford, CT of a local Food Allergy Support Group has been cancelled due to Hurricane Floyd storm warnings.
My three year old son has nut anaphylaxis as well as excema and severe asthma. I am also an allergic person with seasonal allergies, dander...

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