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My son is 10, and we haven't had him tested in years. We thought he should be tested again and were told about a Pediatric Allergist in our area....
The 9/16 meeting in West Hartford, CT of a local Food Allergy Support Group has been cancelled due to Hurricane Floyd storm warnings.
My three year old son has nut anaphylaxis as well as excema and severe asthma. I am also an allergic person with seasonal allergies, dander...
I called Near East (rices and pastas) yesterday 9/15/99 on their Vermicelli with garlic. There is no mention of nuts or peanuts on the box, but they...
USA Peanut Oil Detected in Hannaford Brand Chocolate Ice Cream Here is a link to safetyalerts.com's page about this recall. Click on this link...
My neice lives in Brandon, FL (Near Tampa). She has recently started first grade in a Public School. When my sister explained to her daughters...
Hi, my daughter will be two next month and was diagnosed with PA at 10 months. It's been a scary year. At the risk of sounding like a dodo - what...
Today I dropped off my just-turned 4 year old at his new Jr. Kindergarten class. The teacher, school and bus company have all been great, but I...
Here is a common question we receive We edited it to post here>>> Chris, I wonder if you could help me. Our local newspaper ran a...
This is a link to the Living with Peanut Allergy board which someone posted a thread about the first day at Pre Kindergarten, be sure that if you...

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