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Working in the public school system, I have seen money spent on disruptive kids, special treats and activities planned for these "difficult kids"...
We are planning a Carnival Cruise with our family (including our PA daughter) over the holidays. The cruise line insists that it will be safe and...
Does anyone else have a problem with sleep apnea in their child caused by allergies(food or other)?
I had a taste of the real world today. I had been talked into,by a friend, to go to the gym where she teaches and I decided to go. I have been...
Coastal Cookie is a peanut free bakery. This is a new bakery specializing in cookies, but also muffins and cup cakes. Most baked goods contain no...
Hi! I'm MaryLynn and have been posting for a while. My daughter is five and in kindergarten and is starting to understnd the far reaching affects...
I have a PA 3 year old. When should I approach the school he will attend concerning its handling of PA? He is in that grey area where he could go a...
Anyone out there, like us, near Pittsburgh? I heard a list circulated at the FAN conference here, but haven't read anything since.
I need some reinforcement here. Tonight there is an ice cream social at my daughter's school. I asked that peanuts not be served at all (There are...
My eight month old son, Todd, was tested a month ago. He tested positive for all nuts, all fish, milk, eggs, oats, and potatoes. I am struggling to...

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