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Allergist needed?

I am new on here and am truly grateful to you all for being a resource. Without what I have read on this website so far, I would know pretty much nothing.

Last week my 14 month old son ate some peanut butter, 15 minutes later, he looked like Hitch. We rushed to the urgent care where they gave him some steroid and benedryl and told me to call his pediatrician in the morning (it was like 8 pm). His pediatrician ordered the blood test and it came back at a 4.5.

I have no idea what to expect or do. Neither my husband or myself have any allergies. The pediatrician called in some epi-pens but didn't schedule an appointment or recommend an allergist. Should I be finding one?

Anything else I need to look for or worry about.

By akeadonise on Wed, 12-19-12, 03:07

I would seek an allergist. My daughter was 18months when she had her first reaction to peanuts. They arent quite the weight for an epi-pen jr, so avoiding a possible reaction is key. They offer lots of information, and can help you cope with detecting potential allergens.

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