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By Tammy James on Tue, 10-03-00, 21:35

I have found myself totally trusting food products that have the extra line of "allergy information" listed on the box. It's even to the point where I've caught myself looking immediately for that line, and if it's there, I don't always bother to read all the other ingredients. Has anyone else found themselves doing this, and do you fully trust these extra, usually in boldface print, allergen statements beyond a shadow of a doubt???

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By on Wed, 10-04-00, 03:50

When I shop, I immediately look for the "may contain" line on the ingredients and then if it's something that I haven't purchased before, I check the list of ingredients. However, I only learned, through this board, that manufacturers are not legally required to put the warning on whatsoever. So, I really stick to the name brands that have always worked for me. For example, yesterday, I purchased Post Cereal (two different kinds) and they didn't have a warning on them and their way of labeling didn't appear as clear as the other brands I had been buying. What I did was when my son ate the one cereal, I set the timer for 30 minutes (he will have a reaction immediately - I know that others have warned me on this board that it could take awhile, but he will have one immediately) to see if he would have a reaction, which he didn't and I also e-mailed Post Cereal, owned by Kraft Foods in Canada and am waiting for a response from them. Otherwise, nothing that says "may contain" enters my home. I also had an experience a couple of years ago where I had to call Kellogg's. My son had been eating Honey Rice Krispies. My Mom was buying them for him because she knew he liked them. Well, I went to give them to him one day and checked the label and lo and behold the "may contain" warning was there. I called my Mother immediately and asked her if she had any in her home, which she did, and she checked her box and it DIDN'T have the warning. So, I had to call Kellogg's and they confirmed that that particular brand of cereal now had the "may contain" warning on it. They also sent me a very comprehensive brochure on all of their products which outlines very clearly which products are "safe" and which aren't. As long as it says "may contain" I don't buy it, but now that I've learned that manufacturers aren't legally required in Canada to place the warning, I am even more leery. I never buy store name brand or no name brand items except for scotch mints that I eat - Jesse may have the occasional one. They do not have a "may contain" warning. When checking out the [url="http://www.nuconnexions.com"]www.nuconnexions.com[/url] site I found out that they probably aren't safe to be giving to him. I was really quite upset by this. Also, now, people are going to think I'm working for nuconnexions or something because I mention them in almost every post I make about food labeling, but it's because they've given me the links I've needed lately to contact different manufacturers.
Best wishes!


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