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Do You Believe The Epi-pen Will Always Save Your/Your Child\'s Life?

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By on Wed, 02-23-05, 23:59

In the thread about the Mum dying due to a tomato reaction, I've noticed something I wanted to question.

Do you believe that administering the Epi-pen guarantees you or your child's life will be saved when suffering an anaphylactic reaction?

Or does it simply buy you some time to get to the hospital and even then not give you any guarantees?

Many thanks and best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By momtoadam on Thu, 02-24-05, 01:04

I don't mean to scare anyone, but I have an adult friend PA/TNA who is also allergic to the epi-pen. Apparently it's the 'preservative' in it. She found out when she had a reaction to a cortisone/steroid shot. I'm haven't researched this, just going on what she told me.

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By tcperrine on Thu, 02-24-05, 01:14

I *know* the Epi only buys us time...but I have deluded myself into believing that it will save her. Does that make sense? I think if I did not do that, I would totally panic during a reaction and have a melt-down. So I just tell myself that a reaction is manageable - just give the Epi ASAP and get to the hospital.


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By 2BusyBoys on Thu, 02-24-05, 02:26

We act as if the Epi-Pen will only buy us time to get to the hospital with no guarantees. We have a very tight comfort zone to go along with this belief.

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By erik on Thu, 02-24-05, 03:11

Quote:Originally posted by Cindy Spowart Cook:
[b]Do you believe that administering the Epi-pen guarantees you or your child's life will be saved when suffering an anaphylactic reaction?[/b]

There are no guarantees with PA. An epi-pen will help, but it will not guarantee anything... unfortunately [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]

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By on Thu, 02-24-05, 13:28

It buys time - sort of. But, even in the hospital there are no guarantees.

When I had my worst reaction, nothing was helping. Well, that's not exactly true - it was helping, but in waves.


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By jtolpin on Thu, 02-24-05, 13:59

Ill agree with the consensus.

The epi pen buys you time to get to the hospital...

(sigh) morbid thoughts of death again.. nto a good start to the day.. I havent had my morning coffee, and Im already thinking mortality....


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By Peg541 on Thu, 02-24-05, 16:00

I've seen the epi work twice on my son and have seen epinephrine work wonders while working in ICU (other allergic reactions.)

So we go on the knowledge that epi will work. That's what I want my son to know. I want him to trust that something will keep him alive until 911 takes over.

What happens in the ambulance or ER it another story but I firmly believe and trust that the epi pen will save his life until he can get to help.

I have a good friend who is very very skeptical of medical care. And every time she goes in for anything she has complications. I believe her mind set is part of her problem. She expects things to happen and they do.

So a positive mind set is everything. If you approach this half-heartedly you are taking a risk.


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By darthcleo on Thu, 02-24-05, 17:54

I received the epi once. The effect was *amazing*. Will it always be enough to safe a person? Maybe not. But it sure did for me.

My son has never received an epi, so he doesn't know.

I am more worried about the pen working (as in injecting properly) but once it's in the body, I feel safe. We have 3 epis, in case one doesn't fire properly.

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By mommysamuels on Thu, 02-24-05, 18:11

wow, this topic has really engraved in me the seriousness of my sons allergy. I've known all along that yes it is, but somehow it seems much more so now.
i would like to think that with the epi pen he at least has a fighting chance during a reaction.

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By CatSchmidt on Thu, 02-24-05, 20:15

I am of the belief that an epi-pen is not the CURE but more that it will give us the time to get to the ER in an emergency.

I don't want to sound ignorant as I know these are serious and/or life threatening allergies but I remember reading the statistics somewhere of how EFFECTIVE epi-pens are in saving people's lives - in regards to giving them time to get further treatment at an ER. I wish I had those numbers now because it really helped me feel a bit more at peace knowing that it is all I can do for her right now and it has helped the MAJORITY of allergy sufferers too.

I always keep two on hand for my two year old as I know that one may not be enough for her depending on the distance to the nearest hospital and the quanity of allergen ingested. I am grateful I've never had to use one on her to date.

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By on Fri, 02-25-05, 15:07

I was re-reading this thread, and I realized there is something I [b]have[/b] to add.

When I had my worst reaction I was NOT carrying an epi-pen. I also didn't rush to the hospital. (I just wanted to go home to bed.) IF I had been carrying an epi-pen, and used it - I believe it would have made a big difference. I still would have needed to go to the hospital - but when I got there I think I would have been in much better condition. What I mean is, if I used the epi-pen I could have prevented my blood pressure from dropping and i could have prevented my lungs from swelling up. That way at the hospital they would have continued preventing those things from happening, rather then trying to undo the damage that was done. Does that make sense?

So, I still feel the epi-pen doesn't offer a guarntee, but I feel NOT using epi-pen guarantees that things will be worse.


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By Cookie on Mon, 03-14-05, 04:16

Well, the following information is available online from the most current issue of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. The special feature for this month's issue is anaphylaxis. There are also many other articles of interest.

JACI March 2005

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By Danielle on Thu, 03-17-05, 21:56

Wow, that article makes me sick to my stomach. Brings it into better light that me being the paranoid over zealous no peanut queen is okay.

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