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Do you avoid cottonseed oil?

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By gatorgrrl on Sun, 11-18-07, 22:07

When DS was diagnosed with PNA, our allergist also told us to avoid all seeds. So I'm cleaning out cabinets today and notice that many things have cottonseed oil in them. I know that refined oils are probably safe, but I'm not sure where my comfort zone is yet since we're about 10 days in here. I guess my questions are:

Do you allow foods with cottonseed oil in them?

Would you trust a restaurant food (In-N-Out Burger is one) that uses cottonseed oil for their fries?

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By lj on Mon, 11-19-07, 21:50

I don't see any problem with cottonseed oil. We are five years into this w/ PA and TNA and have never had a problem with cottonseed oil. You can ask your dr to be sure.


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By Calista's Mom on Wed, 11-21-07, 15:26

We fry turkeys in cottonseed oil and have not had any problems. We'll be doing that tomorrow -- makes for one yummy turkey.

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