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Divvies, a new food company that makes cookies, popcorn and more

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By Mark Sandler-Divvies on Wed, 10-26-05, 15:22

Chris suggested that I write to everyone and let you know that I have started a new Company, Divvies, that makes cookies, popcorn and more that are peanut, tree-nut, egg, and milk free....all in a dedicated peanut, tree-nut, egg, and milk-free facility. We also perform routine elisa tests on both raw and finished products. As a parent of a mulitiple food allergic son, I know personally the challenges involved not only to keep him safe but also to make sure he/she is not left out of social situations. Please, everyone, do not hesitate to ask me any questions about what I am doing. I will be checking often and would love to be as helpful as possible.
Mark Sandler


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By yuck2nuts on Wed, 10-26-05, 16:20

These look and sound great!

Could you tell us what kind of shelf life they have? We are always looking for safe processed cookies that my daughter can keep in her bag of safe treats at school.

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By Heather3 on Wed, 10-26-05, 17:57

Will the cookies be available in supermarkets or stores?

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By Mark Sandler-Divvies on Thu, 10-27-05, 02:21

Shelf life is at least one month. They are fresh baked cookies with no preservatives but will be fine for the month. They are great frozen as well. They are available online at [url="http://www.divvies.com."]www.divvies.com.[/url]
Please forward any questions that you might have.

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By Mimom on Thu, 10-27-05, 11:01

I saw a post several weeks ago about the Divvies products. I have a TNA, and am avoiding peanuts just in case. I also have a niece with dairy allergy. I ordered several boxes of the chocolate chip cookies to share with her. They are absolutely delicious.They taste like I think cookies from a bakery would taste. The packaging is great too. Thanks for the post and the safe product.

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By MimiM on Fri, 11-18-05, 16:08

Mimom, I could have had your username! Welcome.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that we had a playdate yesterday with a friend of ours whose son is PA,DA and possibly EA. She had some oatmeal raisin Divies at her house and gave me some to try. They were absolutely delicious. They have a nice soft, and fresh texture and were very tasty. One would never know that they were specially made.

We are only PA but I may buy some anyway just because they are so good. I'd like to try the chocolate chip ones.

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By Jana R on Mon, 01-01-07, 19:49

On-line article titled [b]Party Tips for Children with Allergies, So All Guests Feel Included [/b]
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By 3nicks on Tue, 01-16-07, 01:17

popcorn with Chocolate is a favorite for my 17PA son and his friends!

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