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Disneyland Resort Paris

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By Moni on Thu, 09-04-08, 02:42

Has anyone travelled to Disneyland Paris with a Peanut allergy?

I know they do have special meals there for allergy suffers. They have a menu with 4 meals to choose from (which will get extremely boring eating that 3 times a day for 8 days). I have emailed them and they will not answer my question, which is a little frustrating. We travelled to WDW for 3 weeks and I have to say that they were fantastic, every restaruant the chef came out and said what was safe on the buffet or menu to eat.

I am trying to find out what oil they cook with at Disneyland Paris. I have heard that peanut oil is widely used across Paris now and was wondering if anyone has been and knows what they cook with at Disneyland?


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By williamsmummy on Sun, 09-07-08, 21:37

we went there when allergic child was quite young, we asked the usual questions and found food that my child could eat safely ( has many food allergies).

found it comparable to LA disney , however, take french translation cards , and a good phrase book.

we have also had many holidays in france, and alway eat out at least three or four times.
Its possible to have a good time and find safe food to eat!

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By travelguideparis on Fri, 07-09-10, 12:46

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By Maud Ockley on Mon, 08-02-10, 12:18

Thank you for all the information.

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By Inger Mikaelsen on Wed, 01-23-13, 00:54

We’ve been there and the chefs of the restaurant we eat ask what foods we get allergies on and as I mention, he did not include those menus. You can trust the crews. We plan to go there and celebrate my sister’s birthday.

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