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Disappointment with medical bracelet...

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By PeanutFreeInMD on Mon, 07-09-07, 10:27

Just want to post our own personal experience so other's can make an informed decision. We bought the American Medical ID bracelet in April 2007 for DS with PA. After just a few months it is barely readable! The wording is not "engraved" but in black ink that has worn off. I was shocked to discover this as we were on a trip to an amusement park at the time (not the time I wanted to see that his bracelet was not holding up!). Yes, I was being cheap at the time I ordered because the Medical Alert was so expensive, this seemed like a good alternative. Live and learn!!!
I don't think my son is any more active than any other child his age (5), so I don't think that is the problem. I had done a search on this site and read that some were happy with this company, but I just wanted to let people know our experience. I'll be searching for a replacement!

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By pa/ta mom on Wed, 07-11-07, 19:07

I purchased a medical bracelet for my son-almost 4- from sticky jewelry. The info. is engraved into the metal and it has a nylon/polyester decorartive band that is hand washable. You adjust the strap to make the bracelet fit your child well. You can also buy different straps to change out the look of the bracelet. [url="http://www.stickyj.com."]www.stickyj.com.[/url]

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By aliciab4 on Wed, 07-11-07, 20:36

I bought a bracelet for DD when she was only 16 months old. 2 1/2 years later she is still wearing it (daily, it never comes off) and it is still very readable.

As soon as we get test results back in September I will order a new one. Only because it needs to be changed.


I was very pleased with their customer service and fast shipping. I have ordered shoe tags through them also.

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By ajgauthier on Wed, 07-11-07, 20:38

you know - I like their (stickyj) bracelet plaques better than Medic Alert....lots of space and the clear universal medical symbol (the asterik looking shape)

Hmmm - maybe I'll do Medic Alert's service, but get this bracelet engraved with all the info and phone numbers for Medic Alert.

Thanks for posting the link!


30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

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By cj'smommy on Thu, 08-02-07, 04:01

I just order ID's from them today hopefully they will be okay.

Their website says that have an engraving warranty. It doesn'tt say what the warranty is, but maybe if you call them they will be able to help you.


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By notnutty on Thu, 08-02-07, 14:39

I am also disappointed. We ordered previously from American Medical and the bracelet was engraved and held up very nicely. I just received a new one. I ordered a new one because my son was bugging for a new color(sport band type). The new bracelet is not engraved, it is also "painted" on.

The company obviously has changed their "engraving" process. My ds who is 6 will have the letters worn off in no time. I think I will call and send it back.


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By cj'smommy on Fri, 08-03-07, 01:45

I checked with American Medical ID today. The precious metal bracelets are engraved( in the traditional sense). The stainless steel ID's are laser engraved. BOth have a 2 year warranty.

I would call them about your bracelets.


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By PeanutFreeInMD on Fri, 08-03-07, 19:19

Update: Called company today to complain about printing wearing off of DS's bracelet. They are replacing with new one that can actually be "engraved" (it will be a slightly larger plate-shouldn't be a big deal). They will be sending new one out Monday...YEAH!!!
Big sigh of relief!!!
Thanks all!

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By schnoob on Thu, 08-09-07, 02:36

I think I posted about this a couple of weeks ago, but in my new baby sleep deprived state I forgot to check for responses and now cant find it..whew. Anyway, can people give me an idea of what I need to have engraved on my 3yo DD's bracelet ? She is PA only but we also do not let her eat any tree nuts just in case.

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