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By SkyMom on Fri, 04-11-08, 21:28

This article talks about food allergies/reactions re: restaurants.


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By MommyOfTwo on Sun, 04-13-08, 00:05

Great article but so scary! I can't believe the highest number was for pn! I printed out a bunch of chef cards and keep them in my wallet. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you want to look at it....we don't eat out that often! This just really reinforces the need to talk to the cooks! Thanks for posting this!


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By momto4boys on Mon, 04-14-08, 13:31

That is a great article. We try to stick to the same few restaurants. I like our local Bob Evans because one of the servers (the one we usually get) also has kids with PA. I guess deep down inside i relize that every time we go out to eat there is a risk (no matter how careful) so I am always on guard and watch ds for reactions very closely. I would not think of going anywhere (let alone a restaurant) with out 2 epi's.


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