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Delay from exposure to minor rxn?

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By luvmyboys on Tue, 11-21-06, 03:08

We had a possible minor reaction..actually weeks ago now and I haven't had a chance to post about it. DS is PA (6yrs old)...rxns have been immediate but no definite rxns in almost 4 yrs since diagnosis. Also Hazelnut class 1...no clue what that rxn would look like but suspect possible vomiting episode that occurred last Thanksgiving 4 hrs after eating was his 'sensitization rxn'.

I picked ds up at a playdate (well trained mom 3 houses down) and noticed him swipe at his nose. I asked him if he was OK...something only a mom would notice because it was an 'uncharacteristic gesture'. He says he's fine...didn't eat anything, didn't put anything in his mouth. No other symptoms other than a couple more swipes at the nose.

4 hours later he eats a Ballpark hotdog (open pack) on a Wonder bun (pnut/tnut free plant) and a yoplait smoothie (General Mills eaten them literally about 300 times). He starts coughing a few minutes later. Peak flow is down to 70%. He's wheezing a bit...haven't heard am audible wheeze in 4 yrs either despite numerous asthma episodes. He's got his shirt up + is scratching at his torso but there's not a mark on him. Administer albuterol...peak flow jumps back to 100% and he's perfectly fine to this day!

Now I realize I will never be able to figure this out. But there's been a lot of discussion recently on how reactions seem to happen faster and faster as time goes on. DS has always reacted to pnuts immediately even before he was anaphylactic. I am wondering if it was trace contact or trace ingestion on the playdate, is it possible the reaction would then be delayed 4 hours or is the amount of protein or mode of exposure irrelevant to timing, in your experience?

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By bethc on Tue, 11-21-06, 14:59

Is it possible he had a trace of peanut protein on his hands from being at the other house and then it got into his mouth from handling his food at home? I don't know if there's any rhyme or reason to how long reactions take to start. My DD has usually responded with mouth pain and hives instantly, but she's had very delayed, serious reactions that didn't start with those at all. It is troubling when you just don't know what it was!

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By starlight on Tue, 11-21-06, 18:17

I'm not a doctor so don't take my word for it, but if you're having an allergic reaction, I'm pretty sure the breathing problems will not go away and stay away with just a puff of an inhaler and no benedryl. Especially if it's anaphylaxsis, which in this case with the itchiness and the nose thing, two body systems were involved, so it'd be classified as ana.

I would tend to think that this is an environmental reaction since it just went away and he's fine now. Does he have environmental allergies? Did he play in the grass or with a dog/cat? Was he running around a lot in the cold? All of these things triggered symptoms like you describe in me when I was young. Also, I would have a bad asthma attack if my system got overloaded, i.e. if I went to play at a friend's house who had a cat on a fall night with the leaves falling and the temperature changing and I was stressed about an assignment I had due.

But like I said, I'm not a doctor, so it could have been a PA issue. Just giving you something else to consider. Glad he's okay now. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By luvmyboys on Tue, 11-21-06, 19:35

DS only envir allergies are dog, cat and mold. He wasn't outside playing because it was chilly. Mold count is down...hasn't had a problem with that in about 6 weeks, wasn't a rainy day. No exposure to any animals. He's on claritin and singulair daily.

Actually you got me thinking...the only time he's had a *significant* asthma attack that went away on it's own was his first ana rxn 4 yrs ago(vomiting, panic, drop in bp, wheezing, itchy eyes...then whoosh...gone, no sign of it 2 hrs later). And maybe his 2nd (don't recall if asthma persisted or if we even used albuterol..we were new to asthma and figured out PA that day).

Convinces me even more it was FA. Maybe he did bring home residue on his hands or clothes. Usu he washes up but it was too long ago to be sure.

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By Jimmy's mom on Tue, 11-21-06, 23:02

It sounds to me like an environmental allergy to something at the friend's home. Does the friend have a pet? It's also possible that he is allergic to something else you are unaware of, since there are so many thousands of things that can be in the air, and it's impossible to test for everything.

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By luvmyboys on Wed, 11-22-06, 03:36

No pets, now or ever. We've been there half a dozen times with no problem. And the asthma and itchiness hit 4 hours after he left there and was at home. COULD have been environmental but then it would have had to be something new and unique to the environment that day, KWIM? It hasn't happened before and hasn't happened since. His asthma to date has been exclusively viral induced or after a number of damp, warm days. It comes on slow and goes away slow...thus all the meds which would have tempered a mild rxn.

Just more curious about time frames honestly.

BTW I should have given benadryl. Now I *get* the risk of mis-identifying a rxn as an asthma attack. I THOUGHT rxn and checked him over for hives, but I TREATED the cough and let it go when albuterol seemed to resolve it. There could have been more coming...I should have been ready.


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