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DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia areas

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By ajas_folks on Wed, 08-08-07, 20:55

Would appreciate any help on locating pediatric allergist as we prepare for relocation to this area in near future.

Please feel free to e-mail me if don't wish to post here. My e-mail address is in profile.

Thanks for suggestions & any help!

If you have doc you WOULD NOT SEE AGAIN, please also pass that info along!!

Mother to 2:
DD age 5, NKA, treated as though PA/TNA
DS age 8, PA, possible TNA, Latex, legumes?
(PA diagnosed & ana reaction 1999)
Member here since 2000

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By Donni on Wed, 08-08-07, 23:30

We're very happy with Dr. Wood at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore City. It really isn't that far away from Northern Virginia, DC or any part of Maryland. If you plan your appointments, you might even miss "rush hour" (which seems to be 24 hours!).

Really, no kidding, Johns Hopkins Hospital is people friendly--all departments seem to go out of their way to help make the visit as seamless as possible. They provide help with directions, parking, etc. and are very detailed with their instructions. Dr. Wood is ever so helpful in quickly providing whatever the school requires (even if the paperwork seems redundant). He returns calls, has all the patience to answer all the most stupid questions I've ever thought to ask. His staff is very helpful, too. We've been seeing Dr. Wood for 7 years now.

Feel free to ask any particular questions, either here or via my e-mail.

ETA: My DS is 8, too--turning 9 in a couple of weeks!

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By njm on Wed, 08-08-07, 23:53

I second the vote for Dr. Wood. We've been seeing him for four years and love him. He's well worth the drive.

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By Adele on Thu, 08-09-07, 01:58

Is this THE Dr. Wood? Elizabeth, that would be worth moving again!

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By temple on Thu, 08-09-07, 02:12

We see Dr. Jacqueline Eghrari-Sabet in Montgomery Village (MD). I absolutely love her.

We have never had to wait to get in to see her and I really like that she takes the time to answer all my questions (without rushing us out of the office).

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By PennMom on Thu, 08-09-07, 03:19

We now (just switched) see Dr. Wood as well- I agree with everyone above- he is great! It takes about 7 mths to get an appt as a new patient though...probably could get in quicker if a doctor would call for you.

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By Donni on Thu, 08-09-07, 12:08

PennMom...you're right...if a doctor does call for you for that initial appointment, you do get in sooner. At least that's what happened with us 7 years ago. As an established patient with "the" Dr. Wood, you can get an appointment quicker although at year-end (December) it's tougher. Having said that, they really try to get you in as quickly as possible.

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By BENSMOM on Thu, 08-09-07, 12:54

We see Dr. Wood too, though we've only been there twice in the past 7 years. I get my epis from my pediatrician. I tried 2 other allergies before that and hated them both. Glad to see one on here that someone likes (the one in Montgomery Village.)

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By temple on Thu, 08-09-07, 14:23

Uh Oh...did you see Dr. Eghrari? I'd be interested in knowing if you saw her, didn't like her and why. Hmmm..should we be making the trek to JHH too???

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By BENSMOM on Thu, 08-09-07, 18:16

No, I saw one at some branch of a Children's Hospital in Rockville, and some other one--I don't remember where, but it wasn't Montgomery Village. She did a weird kind of skin prick test where she filled up a whole "palette" kind of thing and did them all at once. I wasn't confident that the things weren't running together or that she knew which was which since she seemed a little confused at one point.

We went to Dr. Wood because Ben's circumstances were so strange--over 100 on CAP RAST, but no reaction history despite clear exposure. Figured we'd talk to the expert. I'm playing phone tag with his office now trying to get a food challenge set up. Well actually, I'm trying to figure out Ben's school schedule--field trips and all--before I try to reach them again to schedule it.

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By ceross on Thu, 08-09-07, 18:34

We too just switched to Dr. Wood. We saw him for the first time in June. We previously saw Dr. Howard Pung at Georgetown. He was good but that past couple of years his office has been a little disorganized and I found it frustrating to get a straight answer about DD's soy results. Also, he seemed to primarily focus on her environmental allergies and eczema. While those need to be managed as well our concerns were really her peanut, tree nut and egg allergies.

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By PennMom on Thu, 08-09-07, 21:46

Not to take this thread off topic...but BENSMOM please let us know what you find out regarding:

Quote: "We went to Dr. Wood because Ben's circumstances were so strange--over 100 on CAP RAST, but no reaction history despite clear exposure. Figured we'd talk to the expert. I'm playing phone tag with his office now trying to get a food challenge set up."

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By ajas_folks on Thu, 08-09-07, 22:13

I am just so EXCITED that we may have chance to have Dr. Wood see our son!!

WOO HOO!!!!!

But, please, am happy to continue to have other suggestions posted here as it may be that we are unable to get in with him . . .

You guys are great!


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By BENSMOM on Fri, 08-10-07, 00:51

We got the food challenge scheduled--for next August. I'll post back in a year, lol.

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By Mom_of_3 on Thu, 10-25-07, 21:01

We are in the same situation. Our 2 year old was just diagnosed with a peanut allergy but the first appointment with Dr. Wood isn't available until May 2008. Does anyone have any other dr. recommendations? (Northern VA, DC and MD). Other names the pediatrician gave us were: Dr. Cheryl Rosenblatt and Dr. Kenneth Bergmann. Does anyone have any experience with them?


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By natashadad on Thu, 03-13-08, 18:32

We went to see an Allergist yesterday and my daughter was diagnosed with nut and egg allergies.

This doctor comes well recommended and in opinion is probably the best in his field:

Silber, Glenn M, MD (73900001)

Specialty: Allergy Immunology
Silber Glenn M
4801 Dorsey Hall Dr #204
Ellicott City, MD 21042
(410) 730-6000

Hope this helps.


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