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Danncy pure vanilla from Mexico

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By pbhater on Fri, 04-06-07, 19:37

Has anyone ever used Danncy pure vanilla from Mexico or ever been able to reach them to confirm it is safe for peanut allergic? I have emailed and called with no response.

The label says Ingredientes: Saborizantes Naturales (not sure what this means)

I have been given two huge bottles of it as a gift and would love to be able to use it in baking for my PA child.

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By tidina on Fri, 04-06-07, 23:06

Im not spanish but that sounds like its saying NATURAL FLAVORING. my moms from italy and all the latin languages are similar. i also took four years of spanish but not absolutely sure thats what it says.

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By bethc on Sat, 04-07-07, 15:45

There's an issue (not PA-related) with some chemical or plant that's often used in vanilla made in Mexico. I found information on it on the FDA's website, where they actually have some kind of warning to Americans about consuming Mexican vanilla.

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By bethc on Sat, 04-07-07, 15:49

It's coumarin that can be from tonka beans in Mexican vanilla.

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By McCobbre on Sun, 04-08-07, 05:37

I don't know about the type you mentioned specifically, but I do know that Mexican vanilla is the only kind we use. I'm not offering advice to you; I don't clam it's all safe. But we go to Mexico/have friends who do that we never have to buy the US stuff. It's so weak.

[i]We occasionally have to buy Kahlua in the States, though.[/i] [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]

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