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Daily dose of Zyrtec

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By buffalobeth on Tue, 03-26-02, 04:21

Hello! I dose my PA daughter w/Zyrtec for seasonal allergies (terrible asthma/hayfever) during the warmer months (I'm in Bflo. NY, as you may have guessed). I'm wondering how you moms (and dads) feel about a daily dose of an antihistamine year-round to help w/any unexpected PA-related problems. I'm almost afraid to ask my Doctor this question, but can/should antihistamines be used prophylactically?

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By KatiesMom on Tue, 03-26-02, 14:30

My daughter (just turned 7) takes zyrtec almost year round(we live outside of Albany). I don't like giving her drugs, but if we don't she'll end up with an asthma attack. She goes to the doctor next week and we'll come back with a perscription to fill and she'll be on in until next december. It stinks for her, but it's what we have to do.

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By Corvallis Mom on Tue, 03-26-02, 21:55

We have also done this for the past year (since daughter was 2).... I can't say that it prevents any PA problems, since we've seen plenty of those anyway... but it keeps the seasonal stuff down to a dull roar. (We live in an area where tree and grass pollens are bad bad bad in the summer, and molds can be in the winter- so environmentals are really year round.) Our older allergist (nearing retirement) also felt that this was our best shot at protecting our daughter's airways until they grow bigger, too. (She is at exceptionally high risk of developing asthma- history in both parents, etc...so we take a lot of preventative measures.)
After a hard freeze, we usually lighten up on the daily dosing until pollen season starts in the spring... but we will give her a daily dose anytime she seems to need it.

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By rilira on Wed, 03-27-02, 03:32

My daughter takes a daily dose of Zyrtec and flonase. We live in So. California. I never thought about it until now but since she has been on the daily dose she has not had any contact reactions at all. Whether this is coincidence or not, i can't even begin to guess but it is an interesting connection.

My husband's allergist did say because my husband is on a daily antihistamine it will help in the prevent of food allergy related reactions. He also stated it should slow down a reaction long enough for someone to be able to get help. That is just his opinion. I haven't decided if I agree with it or not. BTW, my husband is allergic to fish, shellfish and eggs.


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By poppys mummy on Wed, 03-27-02, 08:31

There has been a recent study in Europe carried out over 3 years to about 800 children (if I remember rightly), which gave toddler age children zyrtec once daily to children prophylactly in the hopes of reducing the incidence of asthma... the children had known allergies to grasses and pollens (or dustmites... oh my poor memory!!). Anyhow it showed some very promising results with a significant (up to 50%) reduction in the incidence of asthma. It was called the ETAC study (the Early Treament of Atopic Children). It is because of this study that I have opted to put my daughter on daily Zyrtec ( the children in the study took it for 18 months).
Your allergists should be able to get a copy of this study for you if you would like to investigate it further. If you have trouble finding out about it I know I have some more information somewhere here... I'll just need time to search through my mess!!!

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By mpeters on Sun, 03-31-02, 21:30

My 2 and 4 year-old children both take daily doses of Zyrtec year round under the recommendation of their pediatrician and allergy-asthma specialist. I think it helps, but my daughter who is PA still has had contact and airplane airborne reactions.

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