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Cute allergy jewelry

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By Beth on Fri, 03-30-01, 15:28

I decided to do a search for medical alert jewelry. I found an excellent site, I think. [url="http://www.lifejewelry.com"]www.lifejewelry.com[/url] There are many pendants especially for kids with sports, animals, dog tag style, etc. The sterling silver ones are relatively inexpensive. I wondered if anyone has dealt with this company or has any info about them. My daughter loves hippos, so we probably will be ordering the hippo pendant. They all have the medical alert symbol on the front, and they will engrave the back with the message. Beth

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By Rae on Fri, 03-30-01, 15:49

Thanks for the site. Those are sooo cute!

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By Lam on Fri, 03-30-01, 15:52

Thanks for the site link!

My son wears a race car necklace from Miss Brooke's Company. It's sterling silver, and was not what I'd call expensive. He loves it. We had "Penicillin, Tree Nut, Peanut Allergies" engraved on the back - there was no extra charge for engraving.

I hope your daughter loves her necklace, too!

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By Beth on Fri, 03-30-01, 17:58

I checked out your site, too. I especially like the idea of a charm on a beaded bracelet. (no chance of metal allergy problem with that) I had no idea there was such cute stuff out there. Thanks! Beth

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By California Mom on Wed, 06-06-01, 03:27

I just (finally!) ordered my six year old daughter the heart I.D. style bracelet from Miss Brooke's. We also looked at the lifejewelry site, but we both liked the design of the Miss Brooke's one better. The man at lifejewelry was so nice, though, that I actually feel guilty that I didn't order from him! He faxed me the information and then called me several hours later to see what I thought! So, if anyone likes those styles I would recommend ordering from them. My daghter's bracelet will say: "severe allergy to peanuts, all nuts. Epi-pen." I just hope I can get her to wear it! Miriam

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By L&Mojoe on Wed, 06-06-01, 04:11

Cute jewelry Beth. I bet Joe would Love the baseball one. I have a question, though. Is this company affiliated with Medic Alert? Do they keep a file with your children's information on it like Medic Alert does?

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By no nuts on Wed, 06-06-01, 15:06

Does anyone know the website for Miss Brookes? We have a medic alert bracelet already but I'd like to take a look at others. The lifeline stuff is cute, and I do think young kids might be more likely to enjoy wearing them. Thx.

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By Beth on Wed, 06-06-01, 18:03

These are strictly jewelry (no file like medic alert). As far as life jewelry, don't feel too bad for not ordering from them. That is where I ended up ordering from on March 30, and have YET to see the jewelry. I have contacted this man 3 times by phone and every time I get an excuse or "it will be there soon." Very frustrating, to say the least. I wish you all better luck than I'm having!

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By blackmoss on Thu, 06-07-01, 02:14


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By chasie on Thu, 06-07-01, 03:02

Is anyone scaried someone may over look the car or bear ID?

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By margaret on Thu, 06-07-01, 16:21

Of course, MedicAlert would be biased in favor of their jewelry. But when I asked them why they don't carry "cute" medicalert jewelry, they said it was because EMTs and first responders are trained to recognize the "football" emblem. They might overlook the cute little jewelry, even if it does have a small medical emblem on it. I went with medic alert. They can store a lot of information on their computer files, too. The emt just turns over the bracelet and calls the phone # and gives them the id # on your bracelet. Then, medicalert can give them any additional info (you can update it at any time) and they will call all of your emergency contacts for you.
PS - I don't work for medicalert

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By California Mom on Thu, 06-07-01, 17:52

Beth, thanks for letting me know about your troubles with life jewelry. I'm so sorry that you haven't received your bracelt yet, and I no longer feel guilty for not ordering from him! As far as EMT's, etc., recognizing the bracelets: to me the "medic alert" symbol looks quite obvious on the Miss Brooke's bracelet. I would not want to discourage anyone from going with the "real" Medic Alert; it's just that in our case there is NO WAY my (very stubborn!) daughter would have wanted one. If it wasn't for this gimmicky type of medic alert bracelet, I would be in big trouble. This way I told her that Mommy and Daddy are getting her a heart bracelet because we love her so much and want to keep her safe. Her friend was over when we ordered it and she wanted one too! I am hoping that Leah will feel special and proud to have her new bracelet. I know I will feel better when she wears it because I am hoping that other people (camp counselors, teachers, parent helpers, etc.) will notice the bracelet and it will jog their memory: "oh yeah, Leah is allergic to peanuts and nuts". This is what I'm hoping, any way... I guess I'm thinking that in reality it will be used more that way rather than for EMT's, although I do feel confident that if EMT's are trained to look for medic alert jewelry they will have no trouble recognizing this bracelet. I'm also not worried about not having information on file. In our case I feel that the information on the bracelet is really all that is necessary to know. Miriam

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By Lam on Thu, 06-07-01, 19:42

We have the car necklace from Miss Brooke's for our son. He wears it with no problem. I'm not too worried about medical personnel not noticing it, mainly because I think it's a very noticeable thing on a 4 year old boy. I don't know too many little boys who wear necklaces as jewelry. Also, as was already mentioned, I think of it as more of a reminder to those around us who are supposed to already know.

Take care,

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By Heather on Fri, 06-08-01, 17:59

How durable are they? My son's MedicAlert is stainless steel and pretty durable.

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By Beth on Sat, 06-23-01, 03:02

Well guys, it's official, I have been ripped off by Life Jewelry. Figures I would recommend them because of the nice jewelry they showed on the web site, but of course it's not so nice if you order it and it never arrives! My credit card company is going to investigate, so maybe I will get my $28 back after all. I sure hope so. I had contacted them several times and got the run-around. It will be there soon, blah, blah, blah. This has been going on since the end of March. Last time, I couldn't even leave a message. Beware people!

[This message has been edited by Beth (edited June 22, 2001).]

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By California Mom on Thu, 06-28-01, 02:36

Oh Beth, I'm so sorry to hear your disturbing news. It's hard for me to reconcile the reality of what you're going through with that "nice" man who so eagerly faxed me photos of their products and called to see if I liked them!!! Amazing that people can be so devious.

Leah got her Miss Brooke's bracelet yesterday and she was so excited! I couldn't believe it - I have been so nervous that she won't want to wear it at all. We put it on her last night and she has totally accepted it. I am thrilled that she has it; I only wish we had gotten one much sooner. Now that I see it in person I am totally positive that the medical alert symbol could not be over looked. It is very obvious. I would encourage anyone to go with Miss Brooke's. I have found them very easy to work with and I am totally satisfied with their product. Miriam

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By jh5000 on Thu, 06-28-01, 11:39

Beth -

I haven't received mine either - it's only been about a month and a half for me, but still...

Of course, the charge has already appeared on my credit card statement. I'll be calling today to find out more. Thanks for the heads up!


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By Beth on Mon, 07-09-01, 21:59

You guys are not going to believe this! Today, our jewelry arrived, 3 months and 9 days after it was ordered. No note enclosed, no explanation, no nothing, but it looks pretty good. Jackie, there is still hope for you! I wonder if you were able to reach anyone. So, I made the call to my credit card company to call off the investigation or whatever they were going to do. Finally, I can move on with my life! LOL

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By DebO on Thu, 07-12-01, 22:40


I went with medic alert because I like the fact that they can get my daughter's health care number, etc on file whereas we could not engrave all of that on a bracelet.

By the way, I really built up my daughter before her regular medic alert came and she was very excited to get it and wear it because it made her special even if it wasn't an especially cute design.

take care


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By About Me on Sat, 09-01-01, 18:47

My daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes when she was 2 years old. I was unable to find her a pretty medical bracelet so I began making them myself. I have started a company called Special Creations and we make About Me Jewelry. Medical Jewelry thats Special. I have sold a lot of bracelets to children with Peanut allergy. Please check out my web site!

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By on Mon, 09-03-01, 17:37

I was going to re-raise this thread for joeybeth, in the hopes that she might see it.
How wonderful to see it already re-raised and active!

joeybeth, if you do see this, I did post that we had looked for this thread before for California Mom and you can see from her post that she did, in fact, purchase something for her daughter from the first website link.

I really hope this helps.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


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By Matt'sMom on Sun, 09-09-01, 21:44

As far as the Miss Brooke's jewelry goes, will a necklace be durable enough for my active 3 1/2 year old son? I really like the baseball mitt and think he would too. Thanks for any feedack!

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By Pnuts R Evil on Mon, 09-10-01, 20:00

Has anyone ordered from About Me (mentioned above)? Their bracelets are so cute and very unique. Just checking to see how the experience of ordering from them went as I have never heard of them before. I would love to get one for my daughter. Thanks for any feedback.

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By Pnuts R Evil on Sat, 09-29-01, 00:59

I actually went ahead and ordered the from the About Me Jewelry site and am very pleased. I love my daughter's bracelet--it is so cute and very well made. The woman who I spoke to on the phone was also very pleasant. I highly recommend this product!

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By Beth on Tue, 10-16-01, 13:10

I just HAD to share this with everyone! I got an e-mail today stating that "your order has been processed and jewelry will be shipped". LOL this is after ordering in March and finally getting it in July! Too much, isn't it?

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By Kim Gail on Thu, 03-28-02, 23:37

Has anyone found attractive jewelry for adults? I personally don't want to wear some giant medical alert symbol when I go out with my friends and really don't want to wear it in everyday life.


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By wood145 on Thu, 05-02-02, 15:06

I just wanted to let everyone know that I recently order a bracelet from life jewelry and was very pleased with it. The gentleman I spoke with was helpful (I wasn't sure of the size or what to have inscribed on it). It took about 4 weeks to receive it. The best part about it is that Dylan LOVES it.

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By Leahtard on Mon, 05-20-02, 19:19

I was not so happy with Life jewelry, I ordered dd's bracelet back at the end of August got it just before October and within 2 months the red in the emblem peeled off [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]
The writing on the back is so small, you need a magnifying glass just to read it! Not sure if this would be at all helpful yo her if someone were to try and read it!

Leah [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By DrewsMom on Thu, 11-11-04, 20:44

Hi - I'm trying to find some kind of medical alert bracelet for my 13 month old son (he has severe peanut and egg allergies). I found one website that offered velcro bands which I thought would be perfect for his age, but they don't recommend them for kids under four. I can't seem to find anything that is appropriate for a young toddler - can anyone help?

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By mckennakatesmom on Fri, 11-12-04, 21:40

Hi Drewmom,

My daughter is older than your son (28 months) and she wears the child's medic alert bracelet from the Medic Alert company. I would think that might be the best option for your little guy. You just measure his wrist before you call, and they will size it. I think DD would pull the velcro off if we had gone that route.

When I called to order the bracelet, the woman I spoke with was very nice and knowledgeable. The first year's membership was around $35 if I remember correctly, and it's $20 per year. You can update your child's medical info. online at any time. The stainless steel bracelet was included with the membership.

I wanted to get my DD a cute beaded bracelet, but realized she is just too young for that yet. When she first started wearing her bracelet she pulled at it, but now she's fine and I even notice her adjusting it when the tag gets flipped the wrong way. Thank Goodness Dora the Explorer wears a bracelet! We always make a fuss over her showing her bracelet to grandma, our friends, etc. so she'll feel special.

Maybe when she older (like 5 or 6) I'll get her one of the beaded bracelets, but for now I feel very confident that she can't get this bracelet off, can't break it, and wears it 24-7. The back says "severely allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, seafood, and eggs--carries epipen, call 911". I also like the idea that if for some reason, Heaven forbid, she was ever lost from us (in the mall, them park, etc.) a police office could call medic alert and they could get my or my husband's cell phone numbers.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


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By DrewsMom on Sat, 11-13-04, 01:10

Thank you so much for your reply, Shannon. I will certainly look into MedicAlert for his bracelet. I hadn't considered the service - but you make a very good point, not only for the medical benefits but also about being lost in a crowd. Thank you!

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