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By Amanda on Sat, 06-21-08, 14:49

we are going on an alaskan cruise that my inlaws already paid for. We are starting off in seattle washington, for a couple days, then the week cruise.
what should I watch out for? this is all new, travelling with my son like this since he's been born.
any and all suggestions much appreciated. We leave the 10th of july

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By cristym on Sun, 06-22-08, 23:43

I have never been on a cruise, but have always thought they sounded like fun.

I would contact the Cruise line and ask them what their policy is on Life Threatening Food Allergies. They may *fingers crossed* have a procedure in place for how they handle LTFAs, what they will do and what they expect you to do.

Let us know how it goes!

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By karenlind on Tue, 06-24-08, 20:43

What cruise line??

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By Amanda on Fri, 06-27-08, 14:15

the norweign pearl.
I already contacted the cruise line, and gave them the information they needed in regards to my son's allergy, and they documented it. And we will have to meet with the head of the food dept when we get there so he will get to put a face to a name for our son. From what I've heard they have a special menu for people with allergies.

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By Mrsdocrse on Fri, 07-04-08, 12:42

HI There

We have been on a cruise with my DS on Disney cruise lines. They were great. They met with us as well. the head dinning room steward met with at the table before every meal and told us what was safe. I think cruise ships are handling so many people with vious food allergies and diet restrictions that they do a pretty good job of managing it. They also have a Dr on board and a mini hospital to handle emergencies. ( at least our did) ask what facilities they have.

Enjoy your trip!

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By Amanda on Thu, 07-24-08, 03:19

well the cruise went well, I got ahold of the asst head chef, and he said to order scott's meals through him the day before every day. I started, but then had no idea where my inlaws were planning on eating on the boat, or if was gonna be onshore, and then hubby and inlaws said I was worrying too much, was being overprotective, and letting it control his life. and don't need to let them know. I STILL DID.. but didn't get a chance to pre-order, just told them at time of ordering of his allergy (says to as well on their menu).
so we have a few issues there..
but the cruise line, norwegein (sp?) cruise lines NCL, was really good.. we went on the pearl, but to tell you there really is not much at all for kids to do.., there is a day care with some activities, but not much.

as for the plane, they were already peanut free (airtran airways), so had no issues with that.

so absolutely no reactions the whole time on the trip, which was good.
now other things.. ugh
anyways in regards to my son's allergies, it went well.

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By Mattpecilemom on Thu, 07-24-08, 19:04

Hi there, just returned 2 days ago from a Mediterranean cruise on Royal Caribbean. My son is 14 now and we have been on 2 cruises with him. The cruise ships are well aware of allergies. My suggstion is to stay away from buffet foods as although they may not have nuts in a particular food, people may use a serving spoon or fork from elsewhere which creates cross contamination. I just booked another cruise today for next year. The main dining room is the safest place for your child to eat. It means sometimes getting up early to meet th dining room ours of operation but well worth it. My son was also able to eat the soft icecream on board and as well the pizza, hamburgers and hotdogs. The flight however is another issue all together. Many airlines are not nut free. I was actually looking on various sites right now to try and find airlines with a nut free policy when I came across your posting. Be sure to contact the cruise line early in advance and continue to followup with them.

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