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By KATHYANN on Fri, 10-26-01, 18:36

Does anyone know if crisco shortening is safe I called today but they said they would get back to me and it could take up to two weeks, Im making him apple fritters with crisco and i need some help please. thanks, Kathy Ann

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By SF on Sat, 10-27-01, 00:56

Sorry, I can't help you with an answer; but I think that taking up to two weeks to get back to you with an answer is too long! Don't you agree that these companies should have definite answers to allergy related questions? It is either safe or not, quite simple! I would be extra careful about using a product from a company who cannot supply an answer when you call! Let me know if they respond, and if it is safe...thanks!

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By joeybeth on Sat, 10-27-01, 03:25

KathyAnn: I can't say for certain whether crisco is safe or not but I have always fried in and baked with Crisco (not the oil but the solid). Two of my children are allergic to peanuts, soy, wheat and egg and we've never had a reaction to Crisco (that I'm aware of). I think I use Wesson oil - no preference, it's just what I always seem to pick up. Hope this helps. Joey

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By Renee111064 on Sat, 10-27-01, 19:56

Kathy Ann,

I too have always used Crisco. I use it in both soild and liquid form. MY pa child has never had a reaction to crisco.

You have to use your judgement and find your own comfort zone.

Best wishes,

Renee [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By teacher on Sun, 10-28-01, 18:12

It may depend on what part of North America you are in though, right? I'm in Western Canada, and I have used both forms of Crisco without any problem for my pa son.

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