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CPR Concern

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By on Wed, 06-09-99, 05:36

While listening to the "Noon News & Comment with Paul Harvey" on the radio today, I was surprised to hear about a man who died following the administration of CPR by a doctor who had recently been eating peanuts. Apparently the doctor was assisting the man during a choking incident at a restaurant and CPR became necessary. The gentleman lapsed into a coma and died. He was known to be peanut allergic. I must admit that this particular scenerio has never crossed my mind, and it makes me even more frightful for my daughter.

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By on Wed, 06-09-99, 13:17

We had a previous discussion back in February on this board regarding this very issue.

Go to "Main Discussion" and click on topics from "all year" and click on page 4 at the bottom right of your screen. Go to "Educational Opportunity" and read the entire thread which leads up to our discussion on CPR and peanut butter.

This is just another example of how we can NEVER let our guard down with this allergy.

Stay Safe!

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