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Cotton Candy and Blue Dye

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By abigailsmoma on Fri, 09-22-06, 18:53

I am wanting to take my girl to the fair and get some cotton candy tonight. Does anyone know if it is safe for PN, soy, egg. When she was younger she had reactions to what we thought was blue dye. How do we know if it was the dye and if it was how do I know if she has outgrown it?

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By Jimmy's mom on Fri, 09-22-06, 19:58

Cotton candy itself is just spun sugar. There is usually color added, sometimes flavor. But if you are getting cotton candy from a fair, you should try to avoid a vendor that has nuts, to avoid cross-contamination.

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By Lam on Fri, 09-22-06, 20:55

We have a little one who cannot tolerate blue #1. We just saw the allergist a few days ago and she said there is no test for blue dye.

Trial and error... and risk. Only way to really find out, I guess. Not that I'm advocating risking it. So far, we've continued to let our son have stuff with blue#1 in it - the worst reaction is diarrhea - so far. He may have thrown up from it once, but we aren't sure.

Good luck.

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By caryn on Sat, 09-23-06, 00:12

hi there

our son also has problems with blue dye -- has thrown up and also has behavioral issues with food dye - hyper and NO self control -- we stay away from it -- then I start to think well... and we try again and then i kick myself for trying again and we stay away from it and then i think well... and we try again and then i kick myself for trying again ----- as you can see we have gone through this cycle many times since he was 2 and ate blues clues apple sauce and threw it up! He is 6 now and still struggles with food dye.

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By abigailsmoma on Sat, 09-23-06, 15:36

Thank you all. I didn't get to take her last night. We had terrible weather. Hopefully we can go tonight.

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By Marizona on Sat, 09-23-06, 15:44

It seems like whenever there is a cotton candy booth at the fair, the same booth sells those candied apples topped with peanuts. My son is pa and egg allergic and he has been fine with the cotton candy they sell in a bag with ingredients listed in the store. We have been afraid to try it at the fair with the same booth always selling the apples with peanuts.

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By SallyL on Sat, 09-23-06, 18:10

We just got back from a fair. I was wondering the same thing about the cotton candy but decided not to let her have it since they make candy apples with peanuts on them at the same place. DH found a twist tie in the MIDDLE of the cotton candy. If a twist tie falls in and they don't notice, who knows what else falls in! I'm glad we decided against it.

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By cathlina on Sat, 09-23-06, 18:41

I am a PA adult and also can not tolerate blue dye. Gives me red itchy rashes. I have posted information on this site before that blue dye is often made from legumes.

I would suggest you avoid blue dye.

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By abigailsmoma on Sat, 09-23-06, 18:46

I didn't think about them selling apples with peanuts. I was just thinking about rosted peanuts. I am not a peanut person think goodness. I bet we want be able to find a booth that don't sell the apples though. Maybe a local vendor will be set up.
Thanks to all. I am sure my gut will tell me no no if I even find a vendor nut and peanut free though.

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By teacher on Sat, 09-23-06, 21:19

Yes, blue dye #1 is a made from a derivative of a legume, so it makes sense that a PA person could also be allergic to blue dye #1. My DS gets hives when he ingests it. He knows to avoid all purple and blue candies and drinks, just in case.

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